Join Robotopia’s Cosplay! Cosplay GEN has always tried to bring you the most diverse selection, from diva outfits to body suits and heavy weapons, and this issue is no exception. This time we chose to bring something a bit different, which we consider to have no less value in attention, and that is cosha mecha, splendid mobile metal suit and a human inside. Human-machine hybrids are no longer virtual reality. In Cosplay GEN # 09 you will find some of the most amazing kosha mecha masters out there. Be it in Japan, Singapore or the USA, mecha surely stirs some interest among the cosplayers, with incredible results. Mecha Cosplay is quite an unexplored territory as compared to other types of costumes, although it can unleash a tremendous source of creativity in those who dream of becoming electromechanical superheroes. However, although a lot of this issue is covered by these wonderful craftsmen and their mechanical bodies, don’t think that we have forgotten about our traditional columns. Skilled photographers, talented cosplayers, elaborate tutorials, articles – they are all there for you to discover. So we invite you to plunge into the world of the latest Cosplay GEN edition, which this time is surely dominated by these fascinating creatures mecha. Be sure to order your copy now, as it prints in a very limited edition! – See more at: – with DD-Tenka (風 牙 護), Soph Soph Hime, Takahiro Sakai, Massimo Barbera, Luke Plunkett, Brian Ashcraft, Andreea Ciohodaru, Chinhy Sou, 信 之 高橋, d-mens, Yuki Amai, R&R Art Group, 綿羊 Safran, Omi K Gibson, Lexa One, Ruxandra Tarca, Rescue the Princess, Cosplay Clive Lee’s and Brooklyn RobotWorks. Credit: Video by Saru Zaru Music by JKuch – Innocence (

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