Cosplay & Gravure Multi-Beauty Kokoro Shinozaki, “Cohabiting Couple” Gravure and Emotional Expressions … –Ameba News[アメーバニュース]

Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki appears in the gravure of the gravure magazine “Platinum FLASH vol.17” (Kobunsha) released on the 28th. I challenged emotional gravure with the theme of “a couple living together with a” too long honeymoon “”.

[Separate cut]A world of fascination with feathers dancing … Kokoro Shinozaki with white skin

Shinozaki is active as a DJ, model, and cosplayer with his outstanding beauty and style, and his many talents that overflow.He has also appeared on radio and variety shows, and is gaining popularity in gravure by taking advantage of the proportions of height 152, B75, W58, H82 cm.

This time, which will be the first appearance in the magazine, is a 10-page gravure shot of sadness and emo. When I asked the reader to introduce himself because it was his first appearance, he said that he was “a person who has been short-haired for 10 years.” I’d like to try a new hairstyle, but after all the blonde short hair fits nicely. In the interview, he talked about how he got into the entertainment world and his dreams for the future.

In addition, Rika Sato (Nogizaka46), Rei Jonishi (NMB48), Tomoka Takeda (HKT48), Kuriemi, Aoi Fujino, Erii Chiba (AKB48), Yuzuki Ishiguro (SKE48), Maiu Morishita & Mineyoshi Airisa (HKT48) etc. appeared. Haruka Kaki of Nogizaka46 decorated the front cover, and Miku Kanemura of Hinatazaka46 decorated the back cover.

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