Cosplay, light show and dance competition will be held in Tomsk at the CON.Version festival

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The two-day geek convention “CON.Version” will be held in Tomsk on August 20-21. Guests of the festival are waiting for cosplay contests, cover dance, light show, art fencing, sci-pop performances and other entertainment. Entrance to the geek convention is paid.

The CON.Version Geek Convention is an event for fans of cinema, animation, series, literature, comics, anime, manga, video games and other types of mass art.

This year, the tenth “CON.Version” will take place, which will be held on August 20-21 at the TSU Central Committee.

Among the competitions there will be stage performances, dances, light shows, artistic fencing, cosplay and others. This year, the organizers managed to make a competition of thematic stands, where participants must present a design with a story from their favorite universe. Such a design may include images, figures or texts that most fully reflect the topic that the participant wants to talk about.

A cover dance competition will also be held for two days. This is a cover version of the author’s dance performed by another group: the dancing group is trying to convey the plasticity and technique of the dance, copying the styles and costumes of the performers.

On August 21, saberfighting will take place at the geek convention. This is a direction of artistic and staged fencing in the style of fights on models of lightsabers from the Star Wars movie saga.

Entrance to “CON.Version” is paid. You can find out information about the cost, as well as see the full program of the festival, in group on VKontakte.

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