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Hello, I’m Chiakoma

Previously, I wrote about how to make Yuna’s tools, and this is the second installment! So, this time I will write about “wig” 😊

Personally, when I rank what is most important in raising the quality of cosplay,

1st place: Wig
2nd place: Makeup
3rd place: Costume

I wonder… Wigs are so important! (personal opinion)

Now, I will briefly teach you how to make the wigs I recently made, Luffy Taro and Zoro Juro’s wigs from One Piece Wano Kuni!

Cosplay wig creation “One Piece / Luffy Taro, Zoro Juro”

Luffy Taro Edition

Regarding these two wigs, Luffy Taro’s one was purchased with Assist! I bought it on sale for 1098 yen!

Shape β†’ Pure Short
color β†’ black 02

This is what it looks like before processing!

1: Cut first!

If you cut too much, you won’t be able to go back, so cut it longer 😊 (You have experience with this at beauty salons, right?)

Next, I’m going to brush my hair finely and reverse hair as a whole!

By the way, there is no correct answer because this method is the method of making a Chiakoma wig! 😁

There is also a preference of how to do it, and I think that the method will change depending on how you want to finish it, so please look at it only as a reference!

2: After brushing the hair, sprinkle Kachikachi-kun (hard spray) a little away

warm air


cold wind


comb hair

Repeating this will make the wig look nice and three-dimensional, making it easier to move the hair of the wig with your hands!

This is what it looks like when it’s easier to handle! So, I will move the hair while looking at the image!

If you move it, you’ll do a hard spray again in that place and heat and cool the dryer!

By the way, I used to divide “woodworking bond” and “water” in half and used it as a substitute for wax to make hair! If you want a glossy look or want to harden easily, woodworking bond is recommended!

Chonmage bought and processed a clip-type thing called Bunswig this time!

I prioritized making this topknot easy to harden (because I didn’t have time lol), so after using hard gel to put it together, I hardened it with a water-soluble bond, then warmed and cooled it with a hair dryer, and it stood up like this!

Sanji and Tsusho lol

By the way, I’m a fan of Sanji…😍 precious! 😍

Zorojuro edition

Zoro wig next! This time I made it for myself, not for myself, so I left it to you to choose the wig!

As a request, it was said that it was “a wig that is close to 2.5 dimensions and is not too bright,” so I searched the net for a Zoro wig that would look as natural as possible!

By chance, a wig from a manufacturer called Fujitatsu was on sale for 880 yen with free shipping.

Fuji’s wigs are mixed with various colors and are very easy to get used to! (not all wigs are mixed)

Hola. Sound familiar, right? (Where is it?)

The color looks good, but most wigs can’t be used without processing, so let’s start processing from here!

But the color is really nice, and I really like it because it’s cheaper! By the way, I also bought long hair in the same color this time (for the topknot)

Unexpectedly, Zoro wig, I was busy making it and I couldn’t take a picture of the progress 😭

However, the way to make it is the same as “cut β†’ reverse hair β†’ hot and cold dryer”,
In the case of the Zoro wig, the hair is extremely short, so I thought, “If I cut it too short, I might not be able to stand up.”

My face was in an accident so I hid it with a heart lol

I highly recommend this for making wigs!

By the way, Kachikachi-kun comes out of the cosplayer’s purveyor of hard spray and assist.

It’s really the strongest wig spray!

It costs 1,980 yen per bottle, but sometimes it goes on sale for about 1,500 yen!

If you think that 2,000 yen is too expensive for a spray that you rarely use, Daiei Spray is recommended!

The official name is “hair spray”, but it seems that only the Daiei series sells this, so it is called Daiei spray! By the way, it was also sold at Aeon!

You can buy it for around 300 yen!easy smile

If you buy it online, it’s expensive, so if you have it at Daiei or Aeon, let’s buy it!

The comfort is hard inside! You can make a 2D wig! But Kachi Kachi is easier and harder to use. . πŸ˜†

Also, the woodworking bond I was talking about earlier is a familiar one!

Mix this half and half with water and use it instead of wax! However, if you are worried about not being able to redo it, “water glue” is also an ant!

Draft with wax? Let’s put it down and use it in a place where you say “here!”

That’s all for today’s discussion about wigs! 😍

See you soon! !

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“Cosplay tool making 2nd” I will teach you how to make the most important wig![One Piece/Luffy Taro and Zoro Juro]

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