Cosplayer Enako occupies the cover of 15 magazines in a month A feat in the history of gravure ( –Yahoo! News

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This project crosses multiple publishers, starting with “Bessatsu Young Champion” and “Manga Action” released on August 3rd, and ending with “FLASH” released on August 31st. Out of all 15 magazines, all 13 application tickets targeted for the campaign will be collected, and all those who meet the application requirements will be presented with the “Enako Summer Booklet” (scheduled for B5 / 24P).[Campaign Target Magazine]August 03 Separate Volume Young Champion / Manga Action August 04 Young King BULL August 06 Young Gangan / Young King August 13 Young Animal August 15 EX Mass August 17 Manga Action August 18th Saizo August 19th Weekly Shonen Champion August 24th Young Champion August 30th Spirits August 31st FLASH

Enako occupies August in summer in Japan

Cosplay, gravure, artist ── Expanding activities

Onda Yuta

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