Cosplayer Momo Okawa also released a sharp body suit that “curve beauty is too god” | Mynavi News

Cosplayer Taiga Momo updated Twitter on the 5th (Friday). A sexy gravure shot wearing a bodysuit has been released.

[Separate cut]Back shot of Taiga Momo, a bodysuit with a beautiful hip line

Momo Okawa, a popular cosplayer with more than 110,000 followers on Twitter. With a beautiful style and abundant bust, he showed off the cosplay of the smartphone game “Azur Lane” at the “Tokyo Motor Show 2019” and received a lot of attention.

Okawa posted a photo of a bodysuit with a sharp body, saying, “I wore a bodysuit for the first time.” Not only the beautiful bust that stands out clearly, but also the sexy thighs are shown.

Fans commented on this post, saying, “Is everything too good?” “The body line is too beautiful.” “The curvaceous beauty is too divine.”

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