Cosplayer recreates iconic Catwoman costume from Batman Returns

Catwoman o Gatúbela In some Spanish-speaking countries it is the pseudonym of Selina Kyle, a highly skilled thief, the eternal love of Batman whom he has married. She is shown as a stubborn and independent woman who is often in conflict with her past, which has led her to spend more time on the side of the villains.

Catwoman on the big screen

The character of Catwoman was adapted for television 1966 appeared in the television series Batman and was played by Julie Newmar, the suit designed for the series was similar to the green suit that appears in the comics of the time, but it was recreated by Newmar from black latex.

Catwoman was played by Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie Batman Returns in 1992 as one of the Dark Knight’s main opponents along with The Penguin. Its origin was a reinterpretation by Daniel Waters and Tim Burton. His suit was the now famous catsuit made of black scrap vinyl, symbolizing your fragmented personality.

This iconic costume has been the subject of many re-enactments, from costumes to incredible cosplays like the one in @witchy.brew

DC Comics_ Cosplayer recreates iconic Catwoman costume from Batman Returns

Foto: witchy.brew

We could say that this costume is identical to the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore at the time, with everything and corset Y whip in hand to get Batman into a mess. This version of Catwoman was the one who opened her way to the sensual side of the girls without having to wear long hair, on the contrary, with this suit we can practically see her hair, the only thing we can appreciate are her eyes and distinctive lips.

DC Comics_ Cosplayer recreates the iconic Catwoman costume from Batman Returns (2)

Foto: witchy.brew

As we can see, in this small photographic edition by the photographer, he zooms in on the part of his face where the cosplayer created a more up-to-date interpretation of the dramatic makeup she uses in Batman Returns which also has the effect of making her blue eyes stand out more, in addition to this she could not miss the emblematic red lipstick.

Without a doubt, this girl did an excellent job, bringing back one of the best Catwoman that the big screen has had.

What do you think of this cosplay?


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