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Fire General Rosiel

Cosplayer Rosiel, the fire general, held an event to commemorate the release of the latest photo book “ignis” at Book1st Shinjuku on the 10th.

This work was shot in June in Okinawa and Kawagoe, the birthplace of Mr. Rosiel. “It was hot on a hot day, but my feelings were hot!” Said Rosiel, who challenged the first “fire bra” on the cover. “Even if the fire is too high, my face is hidden. It was difficult to shoot because I could see my chest if it was shifted to the left or right. ” “It was hot because there was a flame in front of me. It was difficult to control the heat, and it was one of the moments when I met the staff.”

My favorite is the photo I took in the studio. “This is also the one that I was able to breathe in at the timing of pouring water from behind. While I was in the cold, I decided on my face!”

About the photobook “The theme” ignis “is a Latin flame. I tried fire bra because I wanted to do something that everyone did not do and leave a result. Unlike the photobooks so far, my natural expression I also received it. ” In addition, “I had a dream of becoming a superstar as a back theme, so there are pictures of historical figures that everyone knows and homages to the goddess of masterpieces. Not only sexy, but also cute and interesting. It’s a unique photo book. “

Rosiel released “Fire General Rosiel Calendar Book 2022 Mainichi Roshi Nyan ~ Ciel Lo Kasho ~” on October 26th. A preliminary commemorative event will be held on the 23rd at Shosen Grande in Jimbocho.

Fireman Rosiel
Birthday June 19th
Birthplace Saitama Prefecture
Size T156B78W53H87
Twitter @ kasyou3roshieru

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