Cosplayer Tsunko shows off her bust and hip “goddess-class” body | Mynavi News

Cosplayer Tsunko updated Twitter on Thursday, 28th. The beautiful bust and hips of a supple body have been released.

[Photo]”Body line is amazing and strongest” Tsunko’s sports bra shot

Tsunko, a popular cosplayer, has more than 130,000 followers on Twitter. In addition to playing an active role as an official cosplayer at anime and game-related events, he is expanding the range of activities such as appearing in the new DJ x anime x game project “D4DJ” developed by Bushiroad.

This time, Tsunko posted a selfie wearing sports underwear. Beautiful bust Not only the front cut that stands out, but also the denim shorts that are about to be taken off show off the sexy hips.

Fans commented on this post, such as “This is a creator god,” “Body line is amazing and strongest,” and “Style is also a goddess class.”

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▽ Tsunko

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