Jeremie Sloan and Allan Quick are your average neighbors by day. They have work with their families, they mow the lawn, they go to the supermarket. They also just happen to be superheroes. A Halo soldier. A Stormtrooper. A former Batman. An X-wing pilot. As cosplayers who are both members of the Portland Oregon Superhero Coalition, Jeremie and Allan have several altered egos. This short film explores what it means to be a cosplayer by following Jeremie and Allan in what’s in them every day. It looks at the time, money, and dedication that goes into making stunningly detailed and accurate costumes of the cosplayers and delves into who the cosplayers are, where their passion takes them, and why they do what they do. “Cosplayer” appeared in 2014 on the annual Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) television series Oregon Lens.

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