Cosplays @ Comic Park ega Park Erfurt 2017

The Comic and Mangapark in the Egapark in Erfurt is the first major Comic Convention in Turing. Fantastic spacious arenas at egaParks are an ideal shooting location for capturing cosplay and costumes. cosplayer in the blank: Sänger Krieg (Assassins Creed) Thora Norwiga (Satyr) Ghostbusters German Division Rathalos Cosplay (Ilidan) Tarzan (Miss Weasleby) Jane (Sashi Cosplay) https: // NiKcKuCosplay (Pyroleo) SakuHana Tenshi (Kotori Minami) Layen-Cosplay & Art (Princess Mononoke) OrdinaryObsession Cos (Meredith Stannard) Star Wars Fans Hannover “The Northern Outpost” (Kylo Ren) https : // Juns Cosplay Werkstatt (Seuchendoktor Singed) Tainermar Cosplay (Blutelf Paladin) https: //www.facebook. com / tainermarcosplay and more

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