Cosplays @ MangaComicCon LBM / MMC Leipzig 2017 (Leipzig Book Fair)

The MangaComicCon is part of the book just »Leipziger Buchmesse«. A great cry for all cosplayers in the void. Great job and thanks for acting so fantastic !! video includes cosplays from Klettes Cosplay (Geralt from Witcher 3) Skieara Cosplay (Ciri from Witcher 3) / Lady Loki Cosplay & Lady Thor Lord Carpador Cosplay (Guild Wars 2) Karpador-Cosplay- 1410646322576996 Jeannys Bezaubernde Welt (Cinderella) DForce (Deadpool) Bonchi Cosplay (Princess Zelda) https: // www /bonchi.cosplay Kuro & Shiro Cosplay (Lenalee Lee and a Noah Version of Allen Walker) Moka Cosplay Tortured Knight https : //www.facebook .com / TorturedKnight Hummingbird Cosplay Riken Cosplay (Cloud from Final Fantasy VI) https : // m / rikencosplay Taiko * Miyabi (drummer) Me Uuki (Catwoman) Art Zeldi a (Beauty & Beasts?) https: // Gray Lightning Bolt (Soldier 1) Agaeti Cosplay (Soldier 2) https: // Thu’viël Cosplay Flllunicorn (SKT T1 Z) Dolly Puppet Cosplay (Perona) https: / / Kessui Cosplay NyuNyu Cosplay Die Muffinmythologien (Star Guardian Jinx) https: //www.facebook. com / Muffinmythologien Sapphire Dreambinde (Junker D. va) Kinbari Cosplay (Star Guardian Lux) and many more

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