[cosplay]unboxing & review #haneame callendar 2021 + extra

[cosplay]unboxing & review #haneame callendar 2021 + extra

VF French francais

Hello mina san
here is a small post for the reception of the callendier of Hane ame received this noon (and again there was
late, since left on the 18th from Taiwan)
Anyway, I was surprised when the delivery man rang at 1:30 p.m.
after opening and usual presentation of shots for emotional moments

little comment: a callendier who is very happy
with the best Hane ame cosplay for the year 2020 (so hard)
luckily the cosplay and she was there!
with the little signature in addition !! does his big plus for the callendier, thank you

really very nice and pretty, as usual I love it !! you do it so well !!
if you want to order it, don’t hesitate !! before it is too late
and not elsewhere (on ebay, etc.)
you risk not being disappointed !!

nothing to add, apart from thank you again to hane ame and for all the cosplay she does for me
you can see the usual videos and some pictures after

if you like cosplay and hane ame, don’t hesitate to share, like, comment .. on the networks, thank you

Rafael B

ENG English English

Hello everyone
here the little page to talk about the reception of the callendar of Hane ame just get now
(i thinking to get it later, shipping from taiwan 18)
i’ve been suprised with the post man ring the bell at 13H30

after that always the same shooting & video taking for the feeling impressions

little comment: the callender is really suprised and get pleasure
with all the best cosplay of hane ame for the year 2020(so hard)
i’ve very lucky that i like cosplau and her too now !!
with an extra sign !!with my name !! the callender getting more better than! thanks

it’s so amazing and beautifull !! like usual !! i like it so much !! you make it so great !!
if you wanted it too !! don’t hesite to order!! before it s too late on her page !!
no some where else !! like ebay,etc
you will be very satifaid !!

no more things to say !! expect !! big thanks to Hane ame for all cosplay, and more things make for me
if you like hane ame cosplay and more, don’t hesite to share, like , commente, on the comunity , thanks
Rafael B

JP japanese japanese

Hello everyone
Ame-chan’s new release calendar 2021 has arrived on the small blog page
I just came this morning so I think it’s a little late, but from the 18th Taiwan
13:30 pm I was surprised that Pitashi Postman was ping pong
After that, I was taking videos and photos to open the item in the same way.

Small review
This calendar makes me very happy
Introducing Ame-chan’s wonderful cosplay last year …
If you like, as long as you have a cosplay, Ame-chan will be with you
There is a special autograph in the contents of the calendar
thanks you.It’s an important thing

Just like a very nice and kind person! !! I love You! !! Great people and en! !!
Please purchase as soon as possible. Before sold out! !!


Only Honeyholic homepages such as other homepages that are not EBAY
Don’t hesitate, I definitely recommend it

The law that says nothing is good
Always I am indebted.Ame-chan’s cosplay is too amazing
Thank you for supporting me

If you are interested in this cosplay, don’t hesitate to ask Ame-chan, please feel free to share it in the comments or on the internet.
thanks you.


videos and photos here

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