Cowboy Bebop, the official trailer of the Netflix series

In November, the live action TV series based on the famous anime of the same name starring John Cho will make its debut. also available on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick.

From the photos to the teaser, up to the long-awaited official trailer. Officially presented Cowboy Bebop to his audience, giving a consistent taste of what will be shown in the live action TV series that will make its debut on November 19, 2021 su Netflix, also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick.

More than two minutes of footage to intrigue and exalt, attracting anyone who has never seen or even heard of the Cowboy Bebop anime and, at the same time, lending a hand to fans of the original series.

Cowboy Bebop, the reaction of the fans


Cowboy Bepop, the first photos of the TV series to be released in November. PHOTO

A crucial role is played by the soundtrack. The music is original and can only have a magnetic effect. While the trailer seems to have done its duty with the many who have never followed the adventures of Spike, Jet and Faye (Ein and Ed), it does not seem to have convinced fans of the anime. According to the comments on the web, something seems to be missing. The music alone cannot be enough and for now there is no room for that necessary thrill that announces a product of absolute quality. The teaser had an annoying vintage flavor to many. The trailer only partially cancels this feeling, never reaching peaks. Disappointing, for many, the special effects and, in general, some fans have the feeling that they are admiring an amateur opera with cosplay actors.

Will it be the usual exaggerated reaction ready to deflate with the broadcast? Only time will tell. Certainly Netflix was aware of facing a wave of controversy, considering the importance of the original work.

Cowboy Bebop, the plot


The best TV series to see in October 2021. PHOTOS

Cowboy Bebop’s live action is based on an anime series of the same name, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, who in this case was chosen as a consultant for the project. The plot offers several crazy stories that intersect in a space wester characterized by action and drama. The protagonists are three bounty hunters, united by a past that torments them and from which they try in every way to escape.

It is about Spike Spiegel, Jet Black e Faye Valentine. Although particularly different, they find themselves forming a team, with the woman representing the latest addition in chronological order. They are cowboys chasing bandits with large bounties on their heads. Sooner or later, however, between a joke and a shooting, they will find themselves back against the wall, forced to deal with what they believed buried forever.

here is the cast principale:

  • John Cho: Spike Spiegel
  • Mustafa Shakir: Jet Black
  • Daniella Pineda: Faye Valentine


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