‘Crayon’s Butt Pudding Kit’ that can make pudding in the shape of the back of a dancing crayfish


[인사이트] Reporter Kim So-young = Those who remember the beak-buri hip dance where the lovely Chan-goo makes a sound of “Cry, cry,” will not forget her plump butt.

With the line “Please buy me an action mask!”, Changu’s peach-like buttocks that shake every time he dances are the character’s trademark.

Cjjjang-goo’s plump butt has even come out as a ‘pudding kit’ and is loved by many.

The recipe for ‘Crayon’s Butt Pudding’ sold in Japan is simple, but its visual is similar to that of Changu’s in the anime, so it is gaining popularity.



In Korea, it is introduced in various online communities and there are many people who request official income.

This pudding package can be used by people over the age of 8, and the box contains the face of a chrysanthemum, an albino face, an action mask, and a frame of the buttocks of changoo. Next to it, ingredients for making pudding are packaged in small packages like a milk kit.

It is also simple to make. First, pour the powder into 300cc of milk, stir well, and heat it. It is best to add milk little by little and mix. After that, put it in the butt mold and cool it in the refrigerator.

In another frame, melt the pink powder in the same way and place it.

After that, if you take out the pudding by injecting air into the mold with a toothpick, etc., the chubby butt pudding is completed.

According to reviews, the pudding that shakes every time the plate is moved is so cute that it brings out laughter. It is known that it has not been officially imported into Korea yet, but it can be purchased through direct purchase, so please refer to the ‘Jjanggu maniacs’ who want to purchase it.


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