Cross-border, out of circle!The ever-changing “trend” of Chinese folk music has gone from domestic fire to

 Original title: Crossover, Out of Circle!The ever-changing “trend” of Chinese folk music has gone from domestic fire to overseas

The folk music performance video “Lanling King Entering the Battle”, co-produced by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, has been viewed more than 13 million times on station B. (The picture shows the screenshot of station B) The chief pipa player of the Central Chinese Orchestra, Zhao Cong, collaborated with the game “Glory of the King” with the new theme music “Red Flames”. (Picture from Zhao Cong’s Weibo) Drawing: Feng Xiaoyu

“The genes in the bloodline are awakened, how can we not love this heart-stirring music.” Recently, a folk music performance video jointly produced by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, “Lanling King Entering the Battle”, went viral. On the B station whose main audience is Generation Z, it has more than 13 million hits.

The “Lanling King Entering the Battle” performed by Liu Qingyao, the host of Pipa UP at Station B, and Wang Jianan, the chief percussionist of China Opera and Dance Theater, incorporates traditional instruments such as Jiangu, Chinese Hall Drum, Pipa, etc., with dense drum beats. With the powerful plucking, the momentum was “the silver bottle burst into water and the iron cavalry protruded with the sound of knives and guns”. The two performers in the video are dressed in Han costumes from the Northern Qi period. The burning images and drum beats evoke the empathy and resonance of millions of young “confidants”. “I want to learn the pipa, too. Li Ruhu” “This drum makes me get goose bumps, this song should only be in the sky…” It is not difficult to find from the barrage that contemporary youth have a super understanding, cognition, appreciation and love of traditional culture represented by folk music. Almost imagined.

It is not just a “Lanling King Entering the Battle” that has become a hit. At station B, the folk music area has been particularly prosperous in recent years. Young UP owners use folk music to adapt animation, film and television, and popular songs. Many videos not only occupy a high volume of traffic, but also continue to “break the circle” through the active forwarding of Generation Z. The mainstream folk music practitioners are also working harder to “creatively transform and develop innovatively.” Recently, the chief pipa player of the Central Chinese Orchestra, Zhao Cong, collaborated with the game “Glory of the King” with the new theme music “Red Flame”. Youth Chinese Music has also spread from the domestic fire to overseas. A Chinese girl’s guqin playing video called “Left Finger Moon” has tens of millions of views on YouTube alone. At the moment, folk music is sending out the most “tide” self-confident voice to the world.

 Folk music is constantly changing “trend”, and the audience is getting younger and younger

If folk music in the past was somewhat “cold” in people’s minds, then folk music is constantly becoming “trend” in recent years, and the audience is getting younger and younger. For example, searching for the keyword “Min Yue” in Station B, which is very popular among young netizens, the video “Quan Yu Tian Xia” with the highest number of hits is a piece of zither drums and ming. In the video, the performer is dressed in Hanfu, with inspiring drum beats and sonorous guzheng playing. This video has received nearly 13 million views and more than 300,000 likes. It is called the “town of station B”. Treasure of the Museum”.

“Quan Yu Tian Xia” is not a traditional guzheng song. It was originally an original song sung by the electronic singer Luo Tianyi. The B station UP host Moyun Moyun used it as an adaptation prototype and released the folk music in 2015. Version, once created a record for station B with a hit rate of 110,000 a night. In addition to this video, Mo Yun also used Guzheng to cover other works. With its solid performance techniques and super-burning adaptation effects, he conquered a large number of young fans, and even became the master of Guzheng in the youth movie “Flash Girl” “Thousand Fingers”. “Prototype.

In fact, on social media platforms such as Station B and Douyin, there is no shortage of folk music bloggers such as Mo Yun, who are called “great gods”. They may be professional academics or amateur learners who love traditional musical instruments. Whether they are professional or not, what they have in common is trying to make the ancient national musical instruments sound the sound of this era-combining Chinese music with animation, mobile games, film and television tracks, popular songs, etc., with visual impact performance pictures , To gain the appreciation and recognition of young people.

 Cross-border integration to stimulate the deeper beauty and connotation of traditional culture

When the unique timbre and expression of traditional musical instruments have already attracted the attention of young people, how to use original works to stimulate more possibilities of Chinese music and activate the traditional cultural heritage carried by folk music has become a topic of serious consideration by folk music practitioners in the past two years. .

Recently, the “King of Glory” Yunying theme music “Red Flames of the Flame” was launched. The work was composed by Zhao Cong, the chief pipa player of the Central National Orchestra and the young composer Liu Dong, from the playful plucking of the pipa at the beginning of the song to the colorful collision of fingertips and strings in the climax of the song, plucking, fingering, and sweeping. Xian and other tactics flow through clouds and water, as if to allow players to “hear” the game character Yun Ying using “Red Flame” to skim the gun. “Red Flame” also uses elements such as Peking Opera rhythm and rock music to break the boundaries between East and West, tradition and modernity. Zhao Cong believes that when promoting folk music to the Z generation, one should not adhere to traditional ethics. Instead, it must integrate the current musical vocabulary and combine traditional folk music techniques so that folk music can truly enter the hearts of young people.

“The potential of national music is very large, and good creators are needed to create music suitable for current cultural trends.” On a certain music platform, some netizens who have heard “Red Flames” leave a message like this. In order to meet the expectations of young audiences for high-quality music and make them more aware of the charm of traditional culture, many soundtracks in the game incorporate elements of folk music, including “The Original God” produced by Shanghai Mihayou Company. In recent years, the popular variety show “National Music Festival” has made various innovations around folk music, and it has also made people realize that Chinese music has a deeper level of beauty and connotation. Through the combination with rich artistic types and music styles, it will create More possibilities to lead the trend of contemporary music culture.

 With confident expression, build a bridge between ancient and modern chinadialogue

In the comment areas of folk music videos such as “Lanling King Entering the Battle”, “Quan Yu Tianxia” and other folk music videos, there are many comments quoting poems, such as “Eight hundred miles under the command of the sun, the fifty strings overturning the corkscrew”, “noisy and cut.” Miscellaneous bullets, big beads and small beads falling on a jade plate” and so on. In fact, the reason why folk music is so prosperous on platforms such as station B is based on the confidence of the Chinese youth in traditional culture. At the moment, more and more young folk music fans and creators use their creative and confident expressions to set off wave after wave of folk music trends on overseas websites.

Take the post-80s and post-90s Zide Qin Club as an example. Their performance of “Changan Twelve Hours Fantasia” has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube alone. Opening the video is like opening an ancient picture scroll that has “come back to life”: the pale yellow background is like a dust-covered drawing paper for thousands of years. The flute and flute sounded from time to time… “In my opinion, traditional Chinese music is the most unique, dynamic, story-telling and emotional music in human history.” This is an affectionate message from a foreign netizen. . Therefore, some people call the Zide Qin Club “the Li Ziqi of the music circle” because their videos have successfully made foreigners feel impressed by the profoundness and beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

Using folk music to build a bridge between ancient and modern China Dialogue, this ambition has been passed down to generations of Chinese musicians. Nowadays, from well-known performers to musicians who are good at arranging and with cutting-edge music concepts, from the “Gufeng School” who is keen on traditional repertoire and Chinese style adaptations, to the international music background and committed to the “fusion of Chinese and Western” “Pie”, then to the patriotic Gen Z, I believe that by crossing generations and breaking boundaries with each other, more folk music works will represent the face of Chinese culture and attract worldwide attention. (Reporter Jiang Fang)


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