Crossover Universo Nerd: the new season is starting

Crossover Universe Nerd, the entertainment program on the nerd world, starts with the new episodes of 2021, visible again this year Sunday at h24 on 7 Gold, in reply Monday at the same time, and always Monday at 9pm available on the show’s Facebook page.

From the studios of Carate Brianza and from the home of the influencers, for a safe program, the Crossover speakers return to exchange news and discuss with each other and with the community on topical topics that affect all the passions of pop culture at 360 °.

Crossover Universo Nerd will start again tomorrow in the late evening, the program will also collaborate with Asmodee and GameStop

They can not miss, in the new season of Crossover Universe Nerd, many guests from the world of pop culture. We leave tomorrow, Sunday 31 January, with Veronica “Veronicartoon” Ciancarini, designer, streamer and author of Bleeding Mariachi – Il Canto dell’Immortale published by Edizioni BD. The journalist and writer Daniele “Il Rinoceronte” Daccò will interview her.

It continues on February 7 with Vr Zone e Vr Italia, innovative start-up that develops and distributes new formats based entirely on virtual and augmented reality, to address the theme of VR and its applications. During the episode we will talk exclusively about the games of the Three Dragons in the Dark and Sword Art Online.

Finally, the February 14, Valentine’s Day, the world of music could not be missing, but also the social one. We will discuss this with Pietro Morello, pianist and composer, as well as famous Tik Toker who works in the social sector.

Thanks to the collaboration with Asmodee e GameStop, the lounge of Crossover Universo Nerd is enriched again this year with great previews from the board game and videogames market.

2021 begins with the preview test of Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead, the game of Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien e Nicolas Raoult inspired by the famous zombie movie by George A. Romero. The game is produced and distributed in Italy by Asmodee.

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We continue with the partnership with GameStop talking about video games. Opening the new year will be The Medium, the highly anticipated horror title.

Also, the subrette Micol Ronchi will talk about how nerdy she got with Demon Slayer, while Edward Mecca, the new radio speaker of 105, will illustrate the new docuseries not to be missed on streaming platforms.

The theme of action figure, from Dragonball to One Piece up to Avengers. Raffo, former editor of the historic video game magazine TheGameMachine, will take care of the 80’s column to talk about chips.

And 2021 is only just beginning.

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