crowd of fans and influencers for the meeting with the voice actors of the “One Piece” series

Star-like veneration for the record-breaking manga’s voice actors, who gathered in the cinema hall of Parco de Medici for the preview of “One Piece Film: RED”, directed by Goro Taniguchi and produced by TOEI Animation. This is the film related to the anime television series “One Piece” aired on Mediaset networks for over twenty years and which originates from the homonymous manga by Eiichiro Oda, the best-selling in the world. The large following of aficionados of the adventures of pirate crews fighting each other, responded enthusiastically to the special appointment.

Before the screening, a ritual took place that is almost taken for granted among manga lovers, but for “strangers” it may be unusual: the dubbing director Renato Novara – his is the voice of the character Luffy – together with Luca Bottale, to whom the task of characterizing Usopp falls, they have been joyfully assaulted by the faithful users, as direct representatives of the characters.

In addition to the preview, the participants thus received an exclusive set of postcards of the film, to be autographed by the voices in the flesh: a signing of copies that lasted for more than forty minutes between songs, comments and quotations. Shots for influencer Marta Suvi known as Barbie Xanax and streamer and influencer Kodomo. Smiling and passionate Massimo Stano the Italian walker who, when he became Olympic champion of the 20 km in Tokyo in 2020, celebrated his victory by putting his thumb in his mouth like the character Luffy from “One Piece”.

Enthusiastic for the event the voice actor and influencer Maurizio Merluzzo who did not hide his loyalty, showing with satisfaction the tattooed calf of Japanese comics. Inevitable cosplayers dressed up as characters Boa Hancock, the empress of Amazon Lily and in Luffy. While waiting for its theatrical release in Italy on December 1, distributed by Anime Factory, the Plaion Pictures label, the new film in Japan is already the franchise’s most profitable film ever, exceeding 18 billion yen (over 124 million euros ) and recording the best grossing anime of 2022, while at the French box office it achieved over one million viewers and in Spain 100,000 viewers in 5 days.
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