Crunchyroll announces the subscriber record and launches a dark fantasy anime with Idris Elba

For years now Crunchyroll has carved out a place in the world of anime, becoming a beacon for those who love the series of the land of the rising sun. Month after month, he continued to grow by focusing on various souls but also offering his own Crunchyroll Originals, come Tower of God oppure God of High School.

As Sony’s purchase of the platform comes to fruition, Crunchyroll celebrates a new milestone. The portal available in most of the world has in fact confirmed that it has reached the figure of four million subscribers, obtaining an increase of one million compared to July 2020 when it had declared that it had three. A very high number alongside that of over 70 million registered users revealed a few months ago.

But that’s not all: this figure will be celebrated by the arrival of a new unpublished project. Crunchyroll will partner with Idris and Sabrina Elba to bring Dantai, a dark fantasy animated series. In addition to the streaming portal, Green Door Pictures and Pink Towel Pictures, the companies of the two Elba spouses, will participate in the production. Dantai’s synopsis is as follows:

“Still in development, the afro-futuristic sci-fi series will be set in a city where the rise of biotechnology has widened the inequalities between haves and haves. Two stars from both sides are making their rise and this division. it will pit them against each other in a story that eventually it will explore equality and bonding in a corrupt society“.

Dantai will succeed in establishing itself? For a few weeks, Crunchyroll has revealed which are the most viewed series in the various states of the European Union.

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