“Cris Tales” is a gorgeous independent production tribute that interprets Japanese role-playing games from a new perspective. Take a glimpse of the past, act in the present, and observe how your actions upset the future-these will be reflected on the same screen as you play! Exquisite hand-painted 2D animation brings you a lifelike world. In more than 20 hours of game time, use your choices to change the present and future of this world.

This game is inspired by classic Japanese role-playing games such as “Chrono Trigger”, “Final Fantasy VI” and “Valkyrie Profile”, as well as contemporary classics such as “Bravely Default” and “Persona 5”. In this game, you will meet a team of unique characters, collect them as teammates, challenge various enemies, and explore a vast world.

Take a glimpse of past events and use the knowledge you have learned from the past to make choices in the present. Depending on your choices, the world in the future will undergo tremendous changes.

Teleport your enemies to the past or the future, plan your attacks simultaneously to gain stronger squad abilities, and fully control the rhythm of attack and defense, and unleash the potential of your team in battle.

The Empress plans a complex and multi-layered conspiracy to destroy the world. Use your brains to incorporate powerful allies in the world to uncover and smash her layers of networks to reach the true ending of this fascinating story.

Take an airship or ship to advance in this handcrafted dark world. From the shining territory of Crystallis to the slums of Saint Clarity, explore each unique place and shape their future.


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