[D:현장] ‘New Year’s Eve’ aimed at the Lunar New Year holidays,’Challenge Field’ in the theater district dominated by animation

Director Hong Ji-young returns to’New Year’s Eve’ following’Marriage Eve’

It was released on December 30 last year, but postponed due to Corona 19… Released on February 10

‘New Year’s Eve’, which has been postponed due to the re-proliferation of Coronavirus Infectious Disease-19 (Corona 19), meets audiences during the Lunar New Year holidays. While looking forward to seeing the power of Korean cinema by leading a new wind to the theater district dominated by animations such as’Soul’ and’The Blade of Demon Extinction: Infinite Train’, actors showed their affection for their character.

On the afternoon of the 1st, a press preview and press conference for the movie’New Year’s Eve’ were held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University entrance branch in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. The press conference was broadcast live on screen to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

‘New Year’s Eve’ is a work that depicts a week full of fear and excitement of four couples who want to be happier in the new year after the off-season of their lives.

Director Hong Ji-young introduced’New Year’s Eve’ as “a story that arouses curiosity about how the nine protagonists who are uneasy about work, love, and future will unfold the story.”

‘New Year’s Eve’ was originally scheduled to be released on December 30 last year, but due to the re-proliferation of Corona 19, the release was delayed and the veil was removed on February 10. Director Hong Ji-young said, “Thanks more than regret. How fortunate we are to have one more New Year, and I think that being able to open in the midst of Corona 19 is a miracle.”

Kang-woo Kim played the role of Ji-ho, a homicide detective in the 4th year of divorce. Ji-ho is a person who falls in love with Hyo-young, an opponent he must protect. He said, “I wanted to look like an uncle I can easily see around me. The director wanted to change my image, so I forced my perm,” he said. “If you are a detective of the gang, there is a strong feeling. I was worried about what to do.”

Yoo In-na, who played Hyo-young, a rehabilitation trainer center and threatened by her husband, revealed the reason for appearing, “The characters I’ve been acting are exaggerated, but Hyo-young was attracted to it.”

He continued, “Hyoyoung is a confident person on the outside, but a soft inside. I wanted to realistically express the subtle gap between the outside and the inside. I worked hard on exercise and climbing to appear as a rehabilitation trainer. I also suggested that the director cut my hair short. So I went to the beauty salon right away.”

Yoo Yeon-seok, exhausted from burnout, took on the role of Jae-Heon delivering wine in Argentina and matched with Lee Yeon-hee. He missed, “I took the location filming in Argentina before Corona 19. At that time, I didn’t know that overseas filming was so important.”

Lee Yeon-hee also hoped, “When I was filming, I couldn’t imagine Corona 19, but watching the movie now gives me a sense of freedom. I have a belief that it will improve someday. I hope you will be satisfied with the Argentine landscape through our movie.”

Also, Lee Yeon-hee said, “It’s a role in my 20s that can script youth, so I looked back on my 20s a lot. At the time, I didn’t know how to appreciate the busy days, and I couldn’t love myself.” I was thinking a lot, but I tried to express this so that I could sympathize with this part,” he explained how he approached Jin-ah.

Lee Dong-hui played the role of Yong-chan and played the situation ahead of an international marriage to a Chinese woman, Yao-ling (played by Chen Du-ling). He has a conflict with Yao-Ling, whose language and culture are different, due to an unexpected incident.

Lee Dong-hui said, “I felt at the scene that Chun Du-ring is an actor with passion. He prepared a lot and helped me a lot so that I could speak Chinese well,” said a breath with Chun Du-ring.

Yeom Hye-ran, who played the role of Yong-chan’s older sister Yong-mi, said, “It was regrettable that I couldn’t study Chinese a little while acting with Chun Du-ring. I would have been able to communicate better if I had known the language.” I thought that language wasn’t the only important thing to communicate while filming such a scene,” he said.

Choi Soo-young overcame Rae-hwan (Yoo Tae-oh)’s obstacles and played May, who shared love and said, “Through this work, I realized that I wasn’t that bright. The director kept asking for bright energy. I know that I am a calmer person than I thought. It’s done,” he said.

He added, “I didn’t think that Oh Wol-i was a pure character without prejudice. I interpreted it as loving and accepting Rae Hwan-i. Oh Wol-i tried to make me feel like a young man around us.”

Yoo Tae-o, who played Rae-hwan, a Paralympic snowboarder who had a leg disorder, said, “I was attracted to the lack of material about a Paralympic player. It seemed classic that the various forms of love stories are harmoniously harmonized in one movie.” I chose it because I wanted to do it,” he said.

Director Hong Ji-young commented on the setting of characters alienated from society, such as the disabled, multicultural families, and non-regular workers, in the drama, “The important keyword is diversity when talking with many protagonists.’New Year’s Eve’ reflects the conflict and loneliness of all of us at the same time. I wanted to tell you. I tried to make a movie that everyone who is stepping into reality can relate to.”

The actors emphasized that’New Year’s Eve’ is a film for people to become happier. Inna Yoo said, “I thought there were various conditions for happiness, but from a few years ago, it was enough to be happy with good food, sunshine, and friends. This movie can also be a little happier at the moment,” Lee Dong-hui said, “People in the theater. I was happy to see the scenery where I booked in this line. I hope that the Corona 19 will end soon and a good day will come when many people can watch movies,” he added.

‘New Year’s Eve’ is a new work by Hong Ji-young, who directed’You, Will You Be There’ and’The Wedding Eve’. Released on February 10th.

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