Dante Trail and the souls of Savio, a short film retraces the event of summer 2021

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02 October 2021 12:33

An unforgettable summer spent in the name of literature, music and an intimate bond with nature. Vallata del Savio, combining its cultural soul with the naturalistic beauties of the area, was an absolute protagonist of the summer of 2021. The reference certainly goes to the “Dante Trail: the souls of Savio”, six events organized in collaboration with the Retro Pop Association Live and Cooperativa Sillaba, through which the bond of the Supreme Poet with the land of Romagna was retraced, enhancing the Dante spirit of the municipalities where the event will stop.

Over two thousand people walking on the paths of the Savio Valley, about fifteen artists who participated during the six shows, about thirty subjects from the territory, including public bodies, associations, wineries involved in the organization of the widespread event and many big names: Roberto Mercadini, Lorenzo Bartolini, Maestro Remo Anzovino and Manu Chao, who performed in Verghereto in front of a large audience of 1,000 people. All this was collected in a short film published on the Youtube channel of the Unione Valle Savio (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6earQPse5_k). An exciting video, which tells the joy of the journey, the beauty of hidden places, the magic of live performance and the taste for the good flavors of the earth: ingredients that have characterized all the stages of the Dante Trail, which combined trekking, concerts , shows, tastings.

An event much appreciated by the participants, as evidenced also by the results of the questionnaire administered on an experimental basis on the occasion of the most popular stage of the Dante Trail, the Manu Chao concert in Verghereto. Out of 126 people who voluntarily completed the questionnaire, on site and online, 87% gave the event full score (5), 10% gave a grade of 4 and 4% a grade of 3, for an overall satisfaction of 4.8 out of 5. Most people (88%) came from Emilia-Romagna (64% from the Province of Forlì-Cesena), 10% from outside the region (Avellino, Milan, Marche) and some from outside Italy (Barcelona and France), but despite the proximity of origin, 1 in 4 (26%) had never been to Monte Fumaiolo, and 97% said they wanted to return to spend a few days in the area: a very interesting result from the point of view with a view to promoting the territory, which is still little known and to be exploited.


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