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Throughout its very long publishing history Batman he faced a staggering number of super villains of all kinds. Some have become truly iconic nemesis and which despite the years still have a great fascination for fans of the Dark Knight. Among these is also the ecoterrorist Poison Ivy which today is the protagonist of our pages thanks to cosplay by Daria_Martina.

Poison Ivy is an ecoterrorist usually portrayed as a woman full of charm and superhuman physical abilities, who can poison any person simply by touching her and is in full control of all forms of plant life. The villain uses these powers for her own concept of justice, with terrorist attacks aimed at asserting the supremacy of plants over man, which has created more than a headache for Batman.

The cosplay of Daria_Martina undoubtedly enhances the most fascinating side of the poisonous villain. Do not miss the long iconic access red hair of Poisony Ivy, while the costume is simple but impactful and consists of a body, fishnet stockings, gloves and shoes with green heels embellished with leaves and floral details typical of the character .

Staying on the subject of superheroes and villains, also take a look at the cosplay of Raven from Teen Titans by rinnegoddes and that of Starlight and Queen Meave from The Boys made by Rolyat and ArmoredHeart. Changing completely gender, however, we suggest the cosplay of Quiet by Metal Gear Solid made by Byouru and that of Caitlyn in a League of Legends swimsuit signed by vick_torie.

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