Darling in the Franxx: Cosplay presenta a Zero Two en su uniforme militar

Zero Two is one of the most skilled Franxx pilots ever seen in combat, but when he is not wearing his suit he usually wears his typical red military uniform, an outfit that now a cosplay recreates in a magnificent way.

Artist Ays (@mk_ays) shared this amazing cosplay on his Instagram account to give us a glimpse of Zero Two when he’s knocked out. It’s also the classic outfit we met her in at the anime, so it shouldn’t be strange to anyone:

Zero Two Cosplay

Foto: @mk_ays

The brilliant interpretation of the pilot recreates even the smallest details of her military outfit. The red suit with gold and silver decorations comes to life, delivering us one of the best incarnations of the peer-killer we’ve ever seen.

Zero Two Cosplay

Foto: @mk_ays

Although the true protagonist of Darling in the Franxx In Hiro, a pilot who lost his co-pilot, Zero Two remains the most iconic character in the series. The anime premiered in 2018 with a total of 24 episodes, and although much of the fandom has asked for a second season, we’re not sure it’s the best idea to force this story to continue.


“Hiro, also known as 016, is a young man who is preparing in an academy to pilot a FRANXX, a robot of enormous proportions to fight his enemies.”

What do you think of this cosplay?

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