DC Comics celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Protector of the Oceans with a special volume

In August 2021 the Protector of the Oceans at home DC Comics will be 80 years after its first publication, and to celebrate such an important milestone, a special volume of 100 pages has been presented, with different variant covers, which will contain numerous celebratory stories created by some of the most relevant artists in the history of Aquaman.

The anthological register Aquaman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular will retrace some of the most important aspects of the character’s story, which first appeared in the volume More Fun Comics # 73, published in November 1941. In addition, to make the event even more important, DC Comics has presented well 8 cover differenti, of which you will find an anticipation at the bottom, each of which is characterized by a style that represents the style of that specific decade it intends to cover.

The volume will contain well 10 different stories, written by famous screenwriters such as Geoff Johns, Cavan Scott, Dan Jurgens, Brandon Thomas and drawn by artists such as Trung Le Nguyen, Paul Pelletier, Pop Mhan, and Tom Derenik. Currently, the plot of one of the short stories has been revealed. Set in the period of the Second World War, The Rhine Maidens, will show Aquaman and his wife Mera grappling with a threat to the underwater world.

Recall that Mera got a magnificent cosplay from Armored Heart, and we leave you to the details of the new Deep Target miniseries.

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