DC Comics: Harley Quinn comes to life in one of her sexiest costumes through this cosplay

We met Harley Quinn in Batman in DC Comics, but this character has gone from being a sidekick to the Joker to being one of Gotham City’s main villains.

Her popularity has not only led her to the world of film and television, but she has also appeared in various video games where her role is crucial. Harley Quinn gained a lot more weight through Suicide Squad, and who gave life to this great villain was none other than the actress Margot Robbie, who gave it a completely different face and style in live action than what we could see in the comics before.

Although the movie in which the Harley Quinn character first debuted as one of the leads was quite booed by the fandom, the solo character was hugely popular and therefore Harley Quinn had a movie of her own.

On Birds of PreyWe found a heartbroken Harley Quinn as her breakup with Joker was imminent, but she had a pretty good development as a solo villain, plus iconic outfits that will go down in villain history.

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