Death Note: Cosplay features the heated argument between Misa and Kiyomi

Although Death Note He is not remembered for having romantic cuts, a loving discussion took part during the course of the anime took place between and was starred by Amane Misa and Takada Kiyomi, the two lovers of Yagami Light who are now brought to life thanks to this cosplay by cosjp (Pinterest).

Together with another colleague the cosplayer from Japan presents the meeting that Misa and Kiyomi had during a dinner to “get to know each other better” and unofficially marking his reputation as Yagami Light’s right hand (and wife).

Stay away from my boyfriend | Photo: cosjp (Pinterest)

For a time Amane Misa was known to be the second Kira who carried out the mass murders on behalf of the true criminal. On the other hand, Takada Kiyomi became an “emissary” about the trials that Kira made around the world through international television. They were both seduced by the charm of Light who actually used their emotions for his own purposes.

What did you think of this Misa and Kiyomi cosplay from Death Note?


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