Demon Slayer, the cosplay of Nezuko of d.o301 is from the slayer of demons –

Nezuko, one of the protagonists of the series Demon Slayer, is a difficult subject to deal with cosplay, not so much for the costume itself, as for the ease with which one risks leaving the character. However, cosplayer d.o301 does a great job of representing Kamado’s house girl without ruining her and without transcending into potentially harmful details.

After all, the details of Nezuko’s dress are all dictated by the narrative: since she has been transformed into a demoness, she wears a dress that seems to want to protect her from the outside world and bites some bamboo so as not to risk attacking someone, in case its new nature emerged with violence.

The distant gaze is partly due to his transformation and partly to the partial loss of memory. In short, it is a more refined character than it seems. Not for nothing in 2019 the monthly Newtype elected her female character of the year.

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