“Destiny: The Winx Saga” on Netflix, an adaptation that divides fans

Since it landed on Netflix on January 22, “Destiny: The Winx Saga” never ceases to be talked about. Among those over 25, we wonder: who is Bloom, this fire fairy who dethroned Omar Sy and his “Lupine” from the first place of the most watched series on the platform? As for the fans, the debates are lively. There are those who cry scandal, denouncing a shameful adaptation of the cult cartoon of their childhood. Others, on the contrary, salute a brilliant fantastic series and are already impatient to see season 2. On social networks, war is declared.

A little background. Before being adapted into a TV series and changing its name, “Winx Club” was a cartoon which, for nine years, from 2004 to 2013, made the heyday of France 3. Eight seasons, 208 episodes, the fairies colorful with superpowers no longer count their worshipers. The fate of Bloom, the heroine, is not unlike that of a certain Harry Potter. Both were raised among humans and end up in a school of magic. Faced with success, Hachette published in 2005 books and dedicated comics. Derivatives are not forgotten. Figures, T-shirts, DVDs and other notebooks bearing the effigy of Bloom and her friends are sold like little magic wands.

“Netflix killed my childhood”

In “Winx Club” as in “the Winx Saga”, the Winx are a bunch of fairies who fight against the forces of evil. They live in Alféa, a school of magic located in a world forbidden to humans. As much as the 2000s cartoon, hypercoloré, targets a very young audience, the series on Netflix is ​​darker and seeks to appeal to teens and young adults. A difference that is not to everyone’s taste

The Winx are the whole childhood of Camille, 18 years old. “My father bought us the DVDs that we watched on repeat with my sister,” recalls the high school student. So, of course, she threw herself on the series, but what a disappointment! “Too many things have changed, some fairies are not there, there is a lot less magic, not enough fantastic, I did not expect that”, she confides, bitter, even if she admits that the actresses play well. And that she watched the season to the end.

Lucie, 17, does not take offense either: “Netflix killed my childhood”, ignites the high school student. “She’s so right,” says Lola, the same age. “What an idea to have gone to add love scenes, to show us teenagers who smoke drugs and to put this dark side on the Winx. They really didn’t understand anything, ”she annoys. “I was so furious that I quit after ten minutes. But maybe I’ll give the show a second chance, because my best friend loved it. “

Repeated winks

He loves fairies so much that Oxea (her first name Winx), 22, created in 2012 the fan-club Silver Winx. “I was really impatient to see what was going to give this adaptation and I am really not disappointed”, comments the student. Of course, he did not recognize the fairies of his childhood, but “there is no lack of nods to the original series”. “The special effects are very successful and the characters are generally the same”. Small flat all the same, he concedes, while the Winx in the cartoon are always at the forefront of fashion, “it’s not really that in the series”.


“Destiny: The Winx Saga”, Italian-British fantasy series by Brian Young, with Abigail Cowen, Hannah van der Westhuysen, Precious Mustapha, Eliot Salt… (6 x 50 minutes). From 12 years old. On Netflix.

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