Devil Cosplay !? Myanmar Youth “Gen Z” Resists Guns with Dresses and SNS: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Young people marching in traditional costumes on the 11th in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar (photographed by an assistant in this paper)

[Bangkok = Kentaro Iwasaki]In a protest demonstration against the Myanmar coup d’etat administration, young people are dressed up in disguise and dresses on the streets, creating a swell of peaceful resistance. The military administration has been nervous and is increasingly detaining doctors and demonstrators who continue to strike in a curfew at night.

◆ “Don’t use power for power, fight peacefully and continuously”

A young woman holding a piece of paper that says, “I don’t need dictatorship. I just want a boyfriend.” A couple in a wedding dress put up a handmade placard, saying, “We can wait for the wedding, but we are now protesting.” Some people wear shirtless bodybuilders, glittering traditional costumes, movie Spider-Man, and heroine costumes from “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. The appearance of these young people is disseminated both domestically and internationally via the Internet.

Young people marching in dresses in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city on the 12th (photographed by an assistant in this paper)

Young people marching in dresses in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city on the 12th (photographed by an assistant in this paper)

Generation Z, born after the mid-1990s, became the center of demonstrations in Hong Kong and Thailand. Making full use of the net that I have been familiar with since I was a child, I expanded my exercise while avoiding unnecessary collisions. A 26-year-old engineer who was attending a rally in Yangon complained, “We cannot compete with the army possessing guns by force. We have to fight peacefully and continuously.”

Resistance to the military administration began with protests of beating pots and pans all at night, and expanded to the streets from the “disobedience movement” called by doctors and teachers. The disobedience movement was followed by civil servants, banks, railroads, and energy workers, and the SNS also posted footage of police officers joining demonstrations in various parts of the country.

◆ Army, disobedience doctors detained all at once

Meanwhile, the military is accelerating the detention of demonstrators in various parts of the country to suppress peaceful protests. Commander Min Aung Hlaing announced in a statement on the 11th that the crackdown would be strengthened. “Some sedition has caused some civil servants to fail to perform their duties. Legal action needs to be taken,” he warned. According to local media, police officers and soldiers are being taken from the homes of doctors, civil servants, and demonstrators at midnight without a warrant. A 29-year-old woman who joins the civil disobedience movement, a doctor at a government hospital, said, “We are united to remind the military that work is important, but the future of the country is also important.”

◆ 13th is the anniversary of “Father of Independence”, protest demonstration expanded

[Bangkok = Kentaro Iwasaki]Protests against the Myanmar military coup continued on the 13th, and participants appealed for the immediate release of Aung San Suu Kyi and others and called for support from the international community.

According to local information, there were many citizens who accused the government of accelerating the detention of citizens aiming at the nighttime, saying that they “pointed the muzzle during the day and robbed the safety of the night.” .. This day is the birthday of the late General Aung San, who is the father of Shu Qi and is admired as the “father of independence” as one of the founders of the army. In Yangon, demonstrators were also seen salute and silence in front of the statue of the shogun.

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