Did customers flow to “BanG Dream!”? The original band anime “K-ON! 』Has become an Owakon-Maijitsu Entertainment

Did customers flow to “BanG Dream!”? The original band anime “K-ON! (C) PIXTA

“BanG Dream! , And “SHOW BY ROCK !!”, the anime industry where there are various popular works with the theme of the band. The originator of the band anime is the TV anime “K-ON!” Produced by Kyoto Animation. ]. At that time, it became a social phenomenon and gained tremendous popularity, but recently it seems that its existence has been completely forgotten.

“K-ON!” Is a work serialized in the monthly manga magazine “Manga Time Kirara”. The story is about Yui Hirasawa, the main character, joining the light music club on the verge of discontinuation and forming a band with friends such as Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, and Tsumugi Kotobuki. When the TV anime was broadcast in 2009, it became a big boom from the style that combined the loose daily life of high school girls and cool music. In December 2011, the first movie version of Kirara anime was released, and it became a hit with over 1 million spectators.

In addition, “K-ON!” Not only received high praise as an anime, but also had a good reputation for the quality of the music. The theme song for the second season, “GO! GO! “MANIAC” and “Listen !!” monopolized No. 1 and No. 2 on the Oricon chart, respectively, but this was the first feat for an anime song.

Furthermore, the band boom broke out in the world triggered by this work. It had a great influence on young people, such as a flood of applicants for joining the light music club and the sale of the same model as the instrument used in the work. Sales of goods and tie-up products are also tremendous, and it is reported that the market size has reached more than 15 billion yen.

It’s been 10 years since then …

“K-ON!” Became a social phenomenon, but its glory did not last long. With the development that Yui and other senior students graduate from high school, the serialization of the original was completed in September 2010. Then, “K-ON!” “College”, Azusa Nakano and other current students are active in “K-ON! The serialization of “highschool” was launched, but none of them became as much talked about as the previous work.

Eventually, the serialization will end in a little over a year, and from 2018, “K-ON!” Will be revived with a new hero in “Manga Time Kirara”. Shuffle ”is serialized. However, it is far from popular in the past, and there is almost no sign of media mix.

In recent years, the only thing that has become a hot topic in relation to “K-ON!” Is “Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-” in 2019. The unit “After School Tea Time” was revived for one night only, and “Don’t say” lazy “” and “GO! GO! MANIAC” were shown. The fans of yesteryear were excited by the stylish surprise.

However, these two songs are actually the smartphone app “BanG Dream!” From “BanG Dream!” Girls band party! 』Covered by. Therefore, “This song is from BanG Dream! 》 《Is n’t it another BanG Dream song? Do these people have to rely on BanG Dream! 》 And so on. It may be a ridiculous story that “K-ON!” Has become a so-called Owakon, but it is lonely for fans at that time.

Most of the bishoujo bands these days promise to develop not only anime and manga but also rhythm games for smartphones. “K-ON!” Created a band anime format as a pioneer, but there is a section that has derailed from the flow of the times after that. In addition, there may be a fundamental problem that the expiration date is short for “daily life”, which has few undulations in the story.

Of course, it is only produced by Kyoto Animation, and the quality of the animation is still perfect. I want to believe that one day a revival boom will occur.

Sentence = Kenichi Ogami


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