DIGIMON GOAST GAME Is it a new Digimon animation that started in October 2021? –Digimon Card Information Summary

A new Digimon anime that started in October 2021? The title is “DIGIMON GOAST GAME”

Discover information on overseas sites. Currently collecting information.

Related information summary

Information leaked with a Chinese account. The following is the information that is known.

  • The anime “DIGIMON GOAST GAME” is a completely new game that will start broadcasting in the fall of 2021.
  • Anime key visual is drawn by “Yabuno Tenya” teacher
  • There is a URL of the official information page on the anime poster,Here(Https://toei-anim.co.jp/tu/digimon_ghost_game) Since it is currently private, the error “This site cannot be accessed” is displayed even if you access it.
  • Digimon’s new movie is “02”, the story of “the world’s first human being to partner with Digimon”

The movie is called “02”, but … Is the boy Daisuke? The light hairstyle does not look like Daisuke, but since Digimon like Clionidae are not Chibomon (before the evolution of Veemon and Chibimon), the movie seems to be a completely new work.

Partner Digimon

The names of each partner Digimon are introduced on overseas sites. I don’t know if it’s correct because the source is unknown.

A Digimon like a white triceratops is “GANMAMON”, a Digimon like a round Yeti is “AGLEMON”, and a Digimon with a head like a jellyfish is “JELLYMON”.

Fan art

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