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This week, we are talking about king of pirates, space colonies and legendary creatures in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms!




There was a time when Gold D. Roger was the greatest of all pirates, the “Pirate King” was his nickname. When he died, his priceless treasure known as “One Piece” was hidden somewhere on “Grand Line”. Many pirates went in search of this treasure, but all died before they even reached it. Monkey D. Luffy dreams of finding this legendary treasure and becoming the new “King of the Pirates”. After eating a devil fruit, he possesses a power that allows him to make his dream come true. He must now find a crew to go on an adventure!

The Arc Wano finally enters its third act! After many revelations and the establishment of unlikely alliances, the new battle between the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy against the Kaido / Big Mom Emperors will finally take place; But that’s not all, since these episodes will also be an opportunity to lift the veil a little more on the past of Kozuki Oden, definitely one of the major pieces of the great puzzle formed by the history of One Piece !


Mobile Suit Gundam takes place in the year 0079 of the Universal Century. The space colonies of the Duchy of Zeon claim their independence. They attack the Terran Federation, with a new prototype weapon, the Mobile Suit. While the war rages on, the Federation prepares the response in the greatest secrecy, on a distant colony. But it undergoes a surprise attack from Zeon and to prevent these new weapons from falling into the hands of the enemy, an improvised crew engages in combat, made up of young military recruits, but also of civilians. This is how the young Amuro Ray finds himself in command of a white MS, the Gundam.

Created in 1979 by Yoshiyuki Tomino, this anime is the very first of the cult saga that revolutionized the mecha genre. This series, in its original form, has remained unique in France until today and its recent availability on Crunchyroll. The platform also offers ten other series of the franchise: Gundam Seed, Gundam Wing … The anime was avant-garde and innovative, presenting a mecha universe more technologically realistic than what we could see in Japanese animation from the 70’s. Far from the clichés of the genre, the work strongly emphasizes the human being, his passions, his conflicts, his will to power … It thus offers a range of extremely well treated universal themes, which resonate even more strongly with nowadays with the health crisis.


This series takes us to a world where beings called Kemonos live among humans, hidden in the shadows. While many of them have adapted to human evolution and mingled with society, some are proving to be quite problematic. Inugami, private investigator, deals with incidents related to these Kemonos. But his quiet little life is turned upside down the day one of his businesses takes him to a small, remote village, and puts him in the path of a young boy named Kabane …

Adapted from Aimoto Sho’s manga, Kemono Incidents is one of the mysterious nuggets of the season! Promoted quite discreetly, the anime has yet conquered the public from its first broadcast, thanks to its intriguing scenario and its quality of animation. To these two qualities are also added the atypical personality of its protagonist and his rhythm controlled from start to finish in each episode. A promising start that only looks positive for the future! Note that some gory scenes can cool down the most sensitive spectators or, on the contrary, delight fans of the genre!

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