Dodonpa! Teo González returned to cosplay as Tao Pai Pai for Doctor Goku | Anime

The ponytail comedian dressed up again as the Dragon Ball villain.

At the end of last month,

Teo Gonzalez

returned to cosplay of

Tao Pai Pai,

although now he did it faithfully.

Yes, the ponytail comedian dressed up again as the Dragon Ball villain to promote the new season of Doctor Goku Super.

González comes out in the pink outfit at the beginning of the new chapter, where he makes some movements and even sticks his tongue out like the character.

“What a wave friends, you are greeted by the most famous murderer in the world: Teo Pai Pai”, says the comedian, with the music of the anime in the background and even sticking out the tongue.

The comedian invites us to smile: “There is no choice but to remain strong, we had a terrible year but I invite you to laugh in these bad times and to continue raising your ki”, he comments before continuing saying that “I give you that advice because your I am a friend Teo González, and if you didn’t like my advice, you can climb on a log, grab your dragon balls and fly straight away to you know where. “

The description of this video from the YouTube channel of KidGüero Studios reveals that: “The new season of Doctor Goku Super is here. Goku, Nappa and Yamcha receive a visit from Goten. Now Goku works at the IMSS, and Yamchu intends to get a new job.”

Dodonpa! We leave you the interview we did and where he told us what he thinks about this comparison with the rival of Goku.


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