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Lead Remember the white building resembling clouds by the Baima Lake in Hangzhou? That is the long-awaited China Animation Museum, and it is about to open! It’s at the end of June! Don’t miss it~

  You don’t need to pay to wear the VR experience at the China Animation Museum in Hangzhou.

  Popular activities

This year, a series of colorful themed events will be launched successively. Audiences can come here to enjoy animation stage plays, concerts, participate in animation master salons, COSPLAY, e-sports competitions and other activities, allowing the general public to experience the fun of animation in a comprehensive and in-depth manner and experience the “anime” make life better”.

The Animation Museum will also actively build a platform for academic exchanges, regularly release academic research results, hold animation lectures and forums, and create an academic research plateau for animation. On the day of its official opening, that is, on the afternoon of June 26, the Expo Hall will host an animation forum, inviting well-known industry leaders to conduct in-depth discussions on the theme of “Digital Intelligence Animation·Imaginary Life”.

Walking into the sports museum, the classic fragment of “Monkey Fishing for the Moon” came into view. The little monkeys fished for the moon in the water on a large animation installation measuring 38 meters in height and about 300 meters in circumference of the ring screen. Riding the elevator upstairs, on the ring screen on each floor, classic cartoon characters such as the big-headed son, the small-headed father, and the black cat sheriff suddenly appeared in front of you. The “Animation Your Memories” exhibition hall on the second floor, using time as a clue, tells the history of the development of Chinese animation before 2004. Starting from the origin and budding of animation and comics, the animation and comics of the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, the period of socialist construction, and the reform and opening up period are successively displayed, full of strong era characteristics. There are also immersive scenes such as newsstands, book rental houses, and old-fashioned TV sets. For example, there are two TV sets on the TV wall that can be adjusted. By turning the knob, the TV screen becomes clear, which evokes a wave of “memory killing”.

In the exhibition hall on the third floor, all kinds of figures, manuscripts by cartoonists, virtual idols with holographic projections, and NetEase’s popular games “Onmyoji”, “Nishuihan”, and “Fantasy Westward Journey” can all be seen here. Visitors can also experience the dubbing game in person. In the exhibition hall on the fourth floor, a variety of AR, VR, MR and other equipment are used to explore the integration and application of animation in more fields. Among them, the e-sports area can make visitors addicted to the experience.

  After the opening, the Sports Museum will open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 16:30, and will be closed on Monday and Tuesday (open on legal holidays, and will be closed later). Individuals or groups must pay attention to the WeChat official account of China Animation Museum in advance and make an appointment to visit.


  To go to the China Animation Museum, you need to make an appointment in advance~, Follow WeChat public account”Hangzhou local treasure“, reply in the dialog box【Animation Pavilion】To viewChina Animation MuseumReservation entrance, ticket information, highlights of each floor, venue activities, collections in the museum…Play information!You can also viewMore frequently asked questionsCan I make an appointment on site? Will there be a second classroom?Do you charge for VR experience?…Continue to update~ Click below【Anime】Can also be trackedThe latest news from China International Animation Festival!

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