Dota 2 fan from China spent over half a million rubles on Battle Pass | Dota 2

User from China with nickname spent $ 8,330 (₽619,439) on Battle Pass levels in Dota 2. Statistics portal Stratz provided the relevant information.

According to the data received, the player now has the most pumped Battle Pass – he scored 19.9 thousand levels. In June, the fan also took the lead among Battle Pass holders. In total, the new Battle Pass was purchased by about 1 million people.

Previously, some in the professional scene have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Battle Pass. So, commentator and analyst Yevgeny Sh4dowehhh Alekseev noted that this year the price for it is unjustifiably high and the money raised does not go to the prize fund of The International, but directly to Valve.

The new Battle Pass appeared in the game on the night of June 24th. To increase the level, players need to complete weekly tasks and challenges in the catacombs. Other prizes in the Battle Pass include the Dragon Knight character as Davion from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, as well as a Specter arcana called Phantom Advent.

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