Douluo mainland soul master duel, finale the competition, the strongest tower climbing strategy-super fun strategy channel

How can the Douluo Mainland Soul Master show up better in ranking and climbing the tower? Many players in the Douluo Continental Spirit Master Showdown said that they are not sure how to climb the tower in this National Day Event Completion Competition. Here is a specific guide for the completion of the competition.

This activity requires continuous tower climbing and is divided into multiple levels. Every time you reach a new level, you can unlock rich rewards and have the opportunity to obtain SSr soul master fragments and various powerful upgrade materials and gold coins;

We have set up the strategy lineup in this event, so we can’t change it. We can only go all the way to black, and settle the rewards according to the level that the player climbed last; so our eight-player lineup is very important, with strong output and The long-lasting nanny, and certain critical damage booster characters, can pass the level smoothly and get the final reward if the level of practice is high;

Douluo mainland spirit master showdown

The above is the introduction of the entire content of the Douluo Continental Spirit Master duel, the final competition, the strongest ranking tower climbing strategy, I hope it can help everyone to better climb the tower and score.


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