Dragon Ball: Goku Black becomes a woman with this cosplay

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Dragon Ball It is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beloved franchises in the world. Although his anime series is currently on hiatus, a new movie is on the way. Also, the manga of Super keep moving forward with amazing battles, new villains and new transformations.

Dragon BallDragon Ball

One of the things that has made Dragon Ball It is his great cast of characters, both villains, as heroes and secondary characters, he has always had some very loved by the public. Several are so loved that there are even fans who decide to characterize themselves as them and sometimes give them a distinctive touch.

A change of gender for one of the villains of Dragon Ball Super

This was the case with the cosplayer, Yoselin, better known as, Ohholyhell, who decided to create a cosplay in which he shows us how it could be seen Goku Black if i were a woman. In addition, according to herself, she decided to do it since this character, along with her bow, are her favorites of all Dragon Ball.

For those who do not remember. Goku Black is one of the villains introduced in Dragon Ball Super. Its origin was when the wicked Zamasu decided to take the body of Goku in an alternate timeline, in order to use his powers and kill all mortals. He was a very powerful villain who even, Goku Y Vegeta they must have merged into Vegetto to beat it.

Dragon BallDragon Ball

As you can see, the cosplay of Yoselin included everything characteristic of the villain’s outfit from Dragon Ball. From his white boots, to his kind of black gi, his red belt and even his characteristic potara earring. There is no doubt that it is the favorite of the cosplayer, because it represented it faithfully.

If they take a look at the feed of Ohholyhell You will see that she is a very fan of the franchise, since almost all of her cosplays are of characters from this series. As Goku Black has continued in the anime of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, where she received a new transformation of Supersaijin 3 Rosé, maybe we will see this reinterpreted by Yoselin, it will surely do very well. Would you like to see it?

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