Dragon Ball: Lunch’s two personalities come to life in cosplay

Among the many forgotten characters of Dragon Ball there is a very special blonde that some will surely remember, Lunch, a girl with a strange disease that made her change her personality just by sneezing, but this cosplay it will make you never forget it again.

Probably for Toriyama Lunch it was just a curious comic resource for the manga and anime from Dragon Ball, but as fans are sometimes very nailed, many ended up wondering what had become of her. And the truth is that it was not so easy to lose sight of her:

Lunch Dragon Ball cosplay

Which one is your favorite? | Photo: @xAndrastax

The cosplay of Lunch recreated by the cosplayer @xAndrastax shows us the blonde from Dragon Ball in their two personalities. When you sneeze, your hair and your entire personality turn 180 degrees, becoming two completely opposite halves. When she has dark hair, Lunch is a quiet girl who does not like to get in trouble.But when her golden-haired counterpart takes over it can be a total disaster.

Not for nothing is he usually seen carrying firearms in the series:

Lunch Dragon Ball cosplay

Which one is your favorite? | Photo: @xAndrastax

As a curiosity: Lunch has an appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the latest video game inspired by the series. If you go to the island of Master Roshi you can talk to him to activate a side mission to go find and rescue her.

What did you think of this cosplay?

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