Dragon Ball Super: 10 techniques that only Hit has in games

Hit, also known as the “Legendary Hitman”, is a powerful assassin from Universe 6, the eventual leader of Team Universe 6, and a fighting antagonist within the franchise. Dragon Ball. He possesses a wide variety of powers and abilities, such as maintaining a youthful appearance and being in his prime despite being close to a millennium old.

Naturally, as a character in the universe of Dragon BallHit has often appeared as a fighter in video games, with techniques he does not use elsewhere. Some of these special techniques are unique to Hit, while others have been mastered by other characters, some even appear in the anime and manga.

10 The Last Time Jump – Can be seen as a variant of Flash’s fist smash technique

While Hit has performed the Time-Skip, a difficult technique for many to master, in anime and manga, some variations of it are unique to video games.

An example is the “Ultimate Time-Skip”, which appears to be a variation of his Flash Fist Crush technique and appears as one of Hit’s Super Attacks in the video game. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. It can only be learned by Berserker-type Avatars, albeit raising Hit to Camaraderie level 4.

9 Instant Ascent: Kid Gohan and Kyukonman have also used this technique

This technique is a variation of Rapid Movement that appears in Xenoverse 2, where it appears as his Evasion Skill. It also appears as an evasion ability for other fighters, such as Kyukonman.

It also appeared in the previous game Xenoverse, where it was Kid Gohan’s evasive ability. In effect, the fighter uses Rapid Movement to avoid an enemy attack. It has sometimes been compared to the Afterimage Technique, Dark Eyes, and the Phantom Fist.

8 Super Afterimage: A fighter scrolls using Afterimages

The Afterimage technique can be added to the Awakened Strike skill set thanks to an update in Xenoverse 2 through Companion Personalization. A more advanced variation of it is the Super Afterimage.

This technique allows the user to move with secondary images, even allowing the player to slide behind their target as they approach it. That said, this technique is not unique to Hit, but can be used by multiple fighters.

7 Ghost Fist: The target fights an image from beyond the grave

The Phantom Fist is another variation on the Afterimage technique and can be added to Hit’s skill set in the video game. Xenoverse 2. It is not exclusive to Hit, but can also be used by fighters ranging from Mira to Yamcha. During this technique, purple energy is generated around the fighter’s body, allowing his opponent to fight an afterimage while the actual fighter appears elsewhere.

Technically, Hit tries this technique in the anime, through the Tides of Time, but his opponent, Jiren, quickly sees the attack.

6 Maximum charge: Ki charges faster than with full charge

Hit, like many fighters, is capable of performing a weaker variant of the Full Charge called Energy Charge in the series Xenoverse Y Fusions. Of course, it has a stronger variant called Maximum Load.

It stands out for charging the Ki faster than the Full Power Charge. The Energy Charge also has two other variants: The Ultimate Charge, which charges Ki faster the longer it is used, and the Burst Charge, which charges a large amount of Ki in a short burst.

5 Super God Fist: A fighter throws ki into a target’s face

Thanks to an update from Xenoverse 2, the Fist of Super God can be added to the Awakened Strike custom skill set, which is purchased from Companion Customization.

With this technique, a fighter charges Ki in his hand and throws it towards his target’s face, ensuring a massive amount of damage. Although Goku has used this attack in the anime, and even once used it against Hit, it appears that its use is limited to video games.

4 Shockwave: anime fans might remember Goku using this against Chi-Chi

Hit is able to use the Kiai technique in two variations that appear in Xenoverse 2. One of these variations is called a Shock Wave. It appears as an attack in which the user’s fist is pumped with great energy, which can generate a shock wave.

In the anime, Goku was able to do it, as Kami taught him and used it against Chi-Chi in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

3 Ki Blast Cannon: This is the second variation of Hit’s Kiai Technique

As mentioned, Hit is able to use the Kiai technique in two variations that appear in Xenoverse 2. Besides Shockwave, there is also the Ki Blast cannon.

This variation also appears to be exclusive to games Xenoverse. It can also be purchased for the Awakened Strike skill set in Companion Customization for 5 TP badges.

2 Power performed: This technique combines time jumping with a powerful blow

The Realized Power appears as one of Hit’s Special Attacks in FighterZ, where it was introduced. In doing so, Hit uses his Time-Skip to smash through a target with a heavy punch.

Notably, the opponent also feels this especially after the Time-Skip impact wears off. As Hit himself warns, the opponent will not be able to block this attack.

1 I keep improving: This could be Hit’s most powerful attack

I keep improving it appears as Hit’s Meteor Attack, as well as his Super Special Attack in FighterZ. As this technique requires three bars of Ki for Hit to use, it is considered one of his most powerful attacks.

Hit lunges at a target at excessive speed, emptying his Time-Skip, essentially making this a stronger version of the Time-Skip / Molotov. Once the Time-Skip ends, the opponent will be knocked down by the powerful force. Since this attack involves the freezing of time, both enemies and allies will be forced to stay in place while it is used. Despite this, only the intended target is expected to suffer any damage. On FighterZ, This attack can turn a match into a Destructive Ending! if used to finish it. Also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

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