Dragon Ball Super fan UPGRADE Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue

Dragon Ball Super Not only did he introduce Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Warriors to the world of the Gods, he also gave the Saiyans new transformations like Super Saiyajin Blue. Now, a fan gave the Saiyan Prince a makeover to make him look much more powerful in combat.

During the Tournament of Power, Goku found himself discovering the power of Ultra Instinct. Vegeta, unlock your own new transformation into SSJ God Super Saiyan Evolved, or Super Saiyan Royal Blue.

The Twitter user, Android 17 Simp, reimagined Vegeta’s royal blue look without the proprietary aura, giving us a new stylized look at the form of the character that helped defeat Toppo (the God of Destruction-in-training) in the anime:

More of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super

Akira Toriyama’s latest saga has differed from manga to anime, with this unique transformation not given to Vegeta in the pages of the manga, though that certainly hasn’t stopped the Saiyan Prince from discovering new ways to gain power.

In the recent Moro Arc which has yet to receive an anime adaptation, Vegeta trained on Planet Yardrat in an attempt to gain more power during the fight against the nefarious sorcerer.

With the former villain learning to perform the Forced Spiritual Fission, a new technique that essentially allows you to undo fusions and energy-absorbing techniques, has not received a transformation similar to Ultra Instinct.

However, the series has been joking that Vegeta might have something in store in the future. The Truth News it will closely follow all the news of this shonen series and reminds you that you can read the DBS manga at MANGA More.

Foto: Toei Animation (Beerus y Vegeta)

Currently, there are no plans revealed as of yet regarding the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime, but the manga began in 2021 with the new arc, Granola The Survivor, which follows an intergalactic bounty hunter who seeks revenge against Frieza for the destruction of his career. Here Vegeta seems to train with Beerus and Goku with Whis.

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