Dragon Ball Super launches official trailer as celebration

At present, and although the anime of Dragon Ball Super is under arrest, an animated film based on it is known to be on the way. At the moment it seems that everything is too preliminary, and that is why nothing has been shared.

However, and perhaps to make the wait less ‘agonizing’, Toei Animation decided to publish a special video based on the series, and that has attracted a lot of fans’ attention.

Dragon Ball Super will return in movie form

It is the one that you can see in this note, which was supported in YouTube. It should be noted that it is not a preview of either the television anime or the new film. Actually, it’s to celebrate 60 years of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

This began in 1960 in the city of Annecy, in France, and that is where it takes its name. Animated films from all over the world compete in this event, and it took place recently.

The Dragon Ball Super movie will have an original story and an unexpected character

The 2021 edition was from June 14 to 19. Something for which it is characterized is that it accepts all styles of animation. From the classic two-dimensional cartoon to the use of stop-motion and computer generated 3D models.

The best of animation competes year after year. So that Toei decided to honor the festival by creating an animation, and this one has as its theme Dragon Ball Super. A talented entertainer was in charge.

Toei Animation celebrates 60 years of the festival

It is about nothing less than Naohiro Shintani. He was the supervisor of the animation of the film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and it is for the same reason that the style is more reminiscent of this film than the anime for television.

Could it be that this is how the new animated film in the series will look like? It is possible, although according to the comments we shared before, it is very likely that it has a different visual style. So it cannot be taken for granted.

It is certainly great that Toei have created something special to celebrate this festival. Unlike the Oscar awards, which many times discriminate against animation made in Japan, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival it does acknowledge your accomplishments.

Several productions from the country of the Rising Sun have stood out. Returning to the topic, hopefully it won’t take long for the trailer for the new film by Goku and company.



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