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At this point in history, “Dragon Ball”Is a product recognized throughout the world. The franchise created by Akira Toriyama in Japan has become part of world popular culture, with Goku being a symbol for many generations who grew up watching his adventures in the 90s or reading his stories in the manga.

Goku started out as a little boy who was found by grandfather Gohan, who trained him in martial arts until he became very strong. Then the job would fall to the teacher Rosh, an elderly man who had learned many unique combat techniques and who accepted as disciples to Goku already Krillin at their young ages.

However, this did not prevent him from testing them hard throughout the training, pushing them to their limits and successfully exceeding them. There came a time when they were ready and the master Roshi gave them their first uniforms of the Turtle School, which they would wear for most of the anime.

What was the origin of this uniform and why Akira Toriyama decided to give it that color? Although initially the black and white manga featured it only in a white color, it was not until the full color version that it was revealed to be a monochromatic orange with a kanji that was not understood by Western fans.


Goku and Krillin receiving their first uniform (Photo: Shueisha)

The first symbol that bears Goku in the series it is Turtle / Kame, which is the kanji for “tortuga”. Goku started wearing this emblem when he and Krillin they completed their training with the Sage Turtle, called Kame Sen’nin in Japanese, which was the Master Roshi. The kame kanji is probably the most well-known and iconic symbol of “Dragon Ball”, And it is also the oldest.

Goku he uses it for the entirety of the first anime of “Dragon Ball ”from 21º Tenka’ichi Budokai and during the arc Saiyan from “Dragon Ball Z”. Goku he briefly uses it again during the 2008 special, “Hey! Son Goku and his friends return !!”. Now, what is the origin of this uniform?

The Chinese monks were Akira Toriyama's inspiration for Goku's uniform (Photo: ABC)
The Chinese monks were Akira Toriyama’s inspiration for Goku’s uniform (Photo: ABC)

According to an interview of the first version Full Color from the manga of “Dragon Ball”, Akira Toriyama was inspired by Safe, a brown or saffron colored clothing worn by Buddhist monks in China. Although he did not make it identical, the similarity in the fabrics can be clearly seen, but he adapted it to a martial arts uniform.

On the other hand, he put the color orange because that color is a symbol of good omen for Chinese culture. This was perfect for the teacher Rosh wish you good luck when you got to the 21st martial arts tournament of the series. Although later a reddish suit also appeared, the meaning remained the same for the rest of the anime.

Goku using the second kanji on his uniform (Photo: Shueisha)
Goku using the second kanji on his uniform (Photo: Shueisha)

That if, throughout the manga the kanjis that the uniform of Goku and the others were carrying. Sometimes, most of the time in reality, the kanji were representations of the name of each of the characters, such as Satoru / Go, taken from the first character of the given name of Goku. He uses this for the rest of the arc of Freezer until that uniform is destroyed.

The final symbol you used Goku on his uniform it is not a kanji at all. It is the personal signature of Whis, and was actually added by Whis during a training session to show your speed. Goku Y Vegeta They wear it on their new clothes from “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’”And continue to use it throughout the arc of the Universe 6 Tournament from “Dragon Ball Super”.

Goku and Vegeta with the symbol of Whis (Photo: Shueisha)
Goku and Vegeta with the symbol of Whis (Photo: Shueisha)


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