Dragon Ball Z: Recreate Android No. 18 with bodypaint and it looks amazing

While Milk Y Find appeared from the first series of Dragon Ball, the story of Android 18 is different. She comes from the series of WITH, and is one of the creations of the malefic Dr. Maki Gero.

Originally, he was a person like any other, but his body was modified against his will, and mechanical components were incorporated. Technically, it is a bioandroid, and it was built to destroy Goku.

Android No. 18 arrived with Dragon Ball Z

It is for the same reason that she began as an antagonist within the series. In a timeline she is completely evil, and was destroyed by Trunks del Futuro.

In the other, which is the main one, it was absorbed and later expelled by Cell after a brutal impact. He was knocked unconscious, and Krilin protected her during that time. It was after they both started a relationship and ended up getting married. They now have a daughter.

Dragon Ball: Bulma is the girl of your dreams again with this bodypaint cosplay

The latter is called Brown. While Android 18, like Krilin, they couldn’t do anything against Majin Buu in their respective saga, if they were of great help in Dragon Ball Super.

This powerful android was key in the Tournament of Force next to his brother. Although his strength is not at the level of Goku, she is still a skilled and very powerful fighter. Over time, her way of dressing has changed, becoming more sophisticated.

This cosplay is based on a popular illustration

But many keep a good memory of her as she appeared in Dragon Ball Z. For in this same appearance the cosplayer intraventus.

As you will notice, she turned to bodypaint to recreate the outfit of this character. It is not 100% true, but it has its similarities.

This is how you can pretend you are wearing the clothes of Android 18 before it was the couple of Krilin. It is a very good painting job, as well as extensive.

As for the hairstyle work, it does remember the character, but it could be better. Will we ever see more action from Android 18 in the future?

There is always the possibility, and it seems that in Super, Akira Toriyama gave more presence to female fighters. More than in the previous series. But with the level of power rising so wildly in the new stories, it’s kind of tricky.



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