Dragon Ball Z: This is the best Majin Vegeta cosplay you’ll see in a long time

Since Dragon Ball Z, something that has stood out a lot is the evolution it has had Vegeta. Although he started out as an antagonist of Goku and the Z WarriorsAfter his defeat, he reluctantly became his ally.

That was during the battle against the wicked Freezer, and was transported to Earth. When he married Find had a major change in attitude. But he always kept his temper proud, and that had some consequences.

Majin Vegeta was full of rancor and was very powerful

As the series progressed, the Prince of the Saiyans was accumulating resentment. He missed the times when he was more violent, who only thought about accumulating great power and taking down his enemies.

For the same reason, when he learned that Babidi He could bring out the worst in someone with his magic, he did not hesitate to ask him for something very ‘special’. What do we mean? Well, turn it into Majin Vegeta. It was thus that he obtained a tremendous and fearsome force.

Dragon Ball: Bulma’s first appearance was not with Goku

Only then could Vegeta confront Goku during the saga of Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z. It was a great battle between the two, but the appearance of the previously mentioned villain caused it to end.

Despite having obtained great power, the husband of Find he could not defeat him, and that he sacrificed himself for the good of others. After the above, he never thought about letting himself be dominated by evil again. He learned the lesson very well.

A fairly detailed Dragon Ball Z cosplay

However, fans have not been able to forget about Majin Vegeta, as this version of the character is known. So they have paid tribute to him through of art, And of course, cosplay. That is the case of @leonchiro.

It is cosplayer from Rome, Italy, he decided to recreate it. It must be said that he did a good job when it comes to styling. That is something that must be taken care of in the cosplay of a saiyajin. As for the tight blue suit, that’s correct.

It has drawn muscles, and that’s a nice effect. There is no lack of white gloves, and of course, a little makeup.

This to represent the ‘M’ from the forehead of Majin Vegeta, and to highlight the muscles, facial details and even wounds of this character from Dragon Ball Z. It is certainly a good interpretation of this warrior, which some would like to see back.

But in the anime, at least in a video game based on it.



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