Dragon Ball Z: Were you in love with Bulma? This cosplay will remind you why

In the first series of Dragon Ball, Find he had a fairly large wardrobe. There were costumes that even only appeared in the intro, closing, and even the anime’s intermissions.

Since then, her taste for glamor and fashion became clear. That unlike Goku, that from so much wearing her clothes were falling apart. He even looked like a ‘portrait’, because he did not see it necessary to change clothes unless it was necessary.

In Dragon Ball Z we saw another facet of Bulma

Going back to talk about Find, in the series of WITH and as it grew it became more sophisticated. Especially because in that anime he had a noticeable personal growth.

He not only met Vegetabut she married him and had their first child, Trunks. This is why her fashion sense also changed. It was at this stage in history that she once wore an elegant red dress, which is accompanied by a yellow scarf around her neck.

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That color combination makes her turquoise hair stand out, which she wore short at the time. The fact is that this outfit that he used in Dragon Ball Z it has become very popular.

Perhaps the reason for this is that it is very easy to create. Many cosplayers they have clothes like the ones we mentioned before in their wardrobe. Perhaps the most complicated part of the outfit are the shoes, since their design is out of the traditional.

Dragon Ball Z: Bulma always in fashion in cosplay

Remembering her red dress via cosplay

But it could well be said that it is a minor detail. That is the case of cosplay from Fabibi World Cosplay. Through your account at Facebook, she shared two photos of this appearance of Find.

As you can see, he respected almost every detail of this outfit, except for the footwear. In spite of everything it is a good interpretation of the character. In fact, these shoes match better, but the ones that were in the anime of Toei Animation.

On the account of this cosplayer can find others cosplays that are very worth it. The most recent one is that of the Wonder Woman The Wonder Woman.

Returning to the topic of Find in Dragon Ball, for sure in the second season of Super We will see her with a new wardrobe. She even in spin-offs stands out for changing its appearance. Perhaps because of the above, he is one of the most popular characters in the work of Akira Toriyama.



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