draw 9 titans in a spectacular way

The anime Attack on Titan has been one of those creations that will transcend as one of the best anime ever, with a solid story, great characters, and of course, original creatures.

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Even though the end of this epic anime is very near, a special fan named Astroprim has made the decision to make a series of handmade drawings to exalt the most powerful creatures in the universe of the Titans. It is a series of 9 amateur drawings that you will surely love.

I drew the 9 Titans, finally finished them all! from ShingekiNoKyojin

Each has a variety of surprising details. The titans present In the drawing are the following: Armored Titan, Jaw Titan, Charge Titan, Warhammer Titan, Beast Titan, Attack Titan, Female Titan, Colossal Titan. The only difference is that you have illustrated your own version of the founding titan and appears right in the center.

What is your favorite titan?

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