Dream of the last butterflies

Dreams of Past Butterflies is a short live-action ‘dark fairy tale’ film with an urgent message to the environment. A story about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they disappeared, as told in the last Butterfly Queens themselves. Writer / Director: Zina Brown For more information on the film, please visit: http://dreamsofthelastbutterflies.com Official Festival Selection: Filmmakers World Festival – Jakarta, Indonesia (March 2015) WINNER – BEST FILM VisionFest 14 – New York City, NY USA (May 2014) WINNER – BEST K SHT FIKMA NUMBER 21st Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival – Barcelona, ​​Spain (November 2014) Jaipur International Film Festival – Jaipur, India (February 2015) Dingle International Film Festival – Dingle, Ireland (March 2015) Toronto Independent Film Festival – Toronto, Canada (September 2014) Dance and Kidz Film Festival – Hollywood, CA USA (June 2015) International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture – Jakarta, Indonesia (June 2015) winner – award at excellent FICA International Film Festival – Santiago, Chile (March 2015) Green Vision 19th setting International Film Festival – Saint Petersburg, Russia (November 2014) Phnom Penh International Film Festival – Phnom Penh, Cambodia (November 2015) FENACO International Short Festival F ilm in Peru – Lima, Peru (November 2014) Bangalore Shorts Film Festival – Bangalore, India (June 2015) WINNER – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY From Africa International Film Festival – Nairobi, Kenya (October 2015) Berliner Trash Film Festival – Berlin, Germany (September 2015) The Jungle Film – Austin, TX USA (March 2015) WINNER – FINALIST, KORTT FILM CATEGORY Goa Short Film Festival – Goa, India (May 2015) V FICAIJ International Youth Film Festival – Mérida, Venezuela (May 2015) Colorado Environmental Film Festival – Golden, CO USA (February 2015) State Garden Film Festival – Atlantic City, NJ USA (March 2015) Big Apple Film Festival – New York City, NY USA (November 2014) Rainier Independent Film Festival – Ashford, WA (May 2015) Indie Spirit Film Festival – Colorado Springs, CO USA (October 2014) Earth Day Film Fest – San Francisco, CA USA (April 2015) There Con Con Film Festival – Ind ianapolis, IN USA (August 2015) World Wizard Film Festival – Philadelphia, PA USA (June 2014) winner – best fantasy SHORT San Diego C Reole Kids Film Festival – San Diego, USA (September 2014) Winner – Best Action Costume at International Film Festival – Monrovia, CA USA (August 2014) 12 Month Film Festival – (May 2015) winner – CINEMATOGRAPHY of the Month Goes Green Film Festival – Los Angeles, CA USA (April 2015) Coney Island Film Festival – Brooklyn, NY (September 2014) Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – Los Angeles, CA USA (June 2015) winner – best film winner film – best ORIGINAL SONG Galactic Film Festival – Santa Ana, CA USA (August 2014) FilmQuest – Salt Lake City, USA (July 2014)) Planet Connection Film Festival – New York City, NY USA (July 2015) May Day Sustainability Shorts Film Festival – Champaign -Urbana, IL USA (May 2015) KO & Digital International Film Festival of Solidarity – Barcelona, ​​Spain (September 2014) Other Venice Film Festival – Veni ce, CA USA (October 2014) Red Hook Film Festival – Red Hook, NY USA (November 2014) Underexposed Film Festival – Rock Hill, SC USA (November 2014) Chain NYC Film Festival – New York, NY USA (August 2015) Royal Film Festival – Benton, AR USA (March 2015) Film Festival in the Woods – Riverwoods, IL USA (August 2015) Los Angeles Pair and Fantasy Film Festival – Los Angeles, CA USA (September 2014) Global Peace Film Festival Online – Orlando, FL USA (September 2015) SFIndieFest – Another Hole in the Head Film Festival – San Francisco, CA USA (December 2014) PEX Summer Festival 2014 Arts and Music Festival, Maryland ) Zen Awakenings Festival 2015 (Arts and Music Festival, Florida) Ain’t It Cool News – Saturday shorts selection (August 2015) * Also screened by invitation to: The Royal Entomological Society – Annual Conference 2015 – Trinity College, Dublin , Ireland (September 2015) AGU Fall Meeting 2015 – 46th Annual American Geophysical Union International Conference – San Francisco, CA USA (December 2015) Subtítulos en Español: https://vimeo.com/133288073 日本語 字幕 付 き: https: / /vimeo.com/133288074

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