Dressed in neon clothes to go to the spring for a visit to the garden in Hanfu, “restart” today

Dressed in neon clothes to go to the spring to make a visit to the park in Hanfu, today “restart”

Spring is full of gardens everywhere, and there are gatherings of Hanfu activities, and people wear neon clothes to go to the Spring Festival. At present, the epidemic prevention and control has entered a normalization stage, and the Hanfu park, which was “partially goodbye” last year, restarted this spring.

Open Spring Standard

Last year’s farewell Hanfu Garden restarted

The pairing of Chunhua and Hanfu has become the “standard equipment” of many scenic spots in the beginning of the spring: Hundreds of Hanfu lovers held a flower dynasty ceremony at the Badashanren Scenic Spot in Nanchang, Jiangxi; “Xuanyuan Sword Dragon Dance on Cloud Mountain” and “Guangdong Hanfu Culture Themed Hanfu Festival was held in Guangzhou South China Botanical Garden in early April. The Tangshan Banquet opened in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, with the theme of “Tang Palace Feast” and Hanfu culture as the carrier, through the characteristic folk cultural connotation of Tangshan Banquet. Chinese traditional elements, inheriting and showcasing the excellent Chinese traditional culture; the fourth spring cultural event of Zhengzhou Garden Expo, also opened in April, enjoys flowers and scenery appreciation performances, wearing Hanfu, national costumes can visit the garden for free…a series of Hanfu culture Activities are staged in turns this spring.

It is worth noting that Wuhan, which has repelled the epidemic, also restarted Hanfu tour this year. The National Wind Dimension Festival in Wuhan Happy Valley entered the public eye in 2018, but it had to be temporarily suspended in 2020 due to the epidemic. This year, the Guofeng Dimension Festival, which is coming again this year, pioneered the “day field + night field” mode, introducing the popular animation IP “Madao Zushi”, incorporating multiple elements of Sakura Hanfu, unlocking the three phases of “Guo Man + Hanfu + Ancient Style” The combined news law provides tourists with a collection of entertainment experiences and artistic performances. It is understood that the current Guofeng Dimension Festival will last until April 18.

The leader of the Wuhan Happy Valley Art Troupe, Lv Ao, played the popular role “Wei Wuxian” in the wonderful performance of the animation of the founder of Modao. At the scene, every day, many younger brothers and younger sisters in Hanfu took pictures with him. The performers of the art troupe all came from classical dance and folk dance in art colleges, and have a better understanding of Hanfu culture, so stage performances and zero-distance programs are all undertaken by them.

“The whole performance including production cycle, line dance, costume making, and prop making took about three weeks.” Lu Ao said that the actors of the art troupe would also go shopping and park in Hanfu privately, and the girls would buy it out. The clothes are remade by themselves, including hair accessories and makeup.

Warm up enthusiasm for traditional culture

Hanfu activities become a new way of socializing

Cai Mingwei, Manager of Brand Office of Wuhan Happy Valley Marketing Department, introduced that in this year’s Guofeng Dimension Festival, cherry blossom elements were used in the overall layout of the park to make visitors feel the romantic atmosphere of cherry blossoms. The national style of tourists is also integrated with the atmosphere of the park. At the same time, related performances were created around the animation IP of the founder of the magic road, restoring the classic scenes in the animation. “I hope people who have experienced the epidemic will come out in the spring to see the beauty of the outdoors and feel the culture of the country.”

Why are the spring garden activities in major scenic spots keen to “bind” Hanfu culture? Cai Mingwei believes that this is related to the growing love of traditional culture among young people. Take Happy Valley as an example. A very large part of its target customers are young people. Through online surveys and survey reports of service companies, it is found that more and more young people are keen on Hanfu culture. In order to spread this culture, they have joined many groups. My own opinion. “We found that many tourists would come to the park with suitcases, bring several sets of Hanfu, and change into different costumes according to different scenes to check in and take pictures. For example, on the pink-dominated cherry tree path, they would wear white and pink clothes. The picture is romantic and elegant. In the Metasequoia forest with boats and flowing water, they will put on turquoise clothes to complement the reflection in the water.”

In order to encourage more young people to participate, the early stage of the park activities also launched a half-price event for wearing Hanfu in the park, and booths for renting Hanfu and providing makeup services were set up inside and outside the park. “People in Hanfu form an atmosphere, make the distance closer to each other, and form a new trendy way of socializing.”

There are many styles of Hanfu

Can be worn in different seasons

“Post-00” Liu Huanting is one of the fans of Hanfu culture. As Cai Mingwei said: “Participate more in Hanfu activities, and gradually become friends when you meet those who can talk about it.” The first time she came into contact with Hanfu culture was in early 2019. She saw one on the Internet. After the Hanfu Cultural Festival, she began to take the initiative to pay attention to the content. In the Spring Festival that year, she put on the Hanfu for the first time to give her family a New Year greeting. “Some people in the family expressed that they didn’t understand it, and they thought it was like a performer, but some people thought it was very beautiful. The Chinese style has a special New Year atmosphere.”

In a period when Hanfu culture was not very popular, many fans would design and make their own designs based on ancient paintings, unearthed cultural relics and other materials. But now the culture of Hanfu has become popular, and there are so many shops that specialize in making and even customizing Hanfu. Liu Huanting said that some shops that pay more attention to shape will design and make their own research materials, and fans can directly buy the finished Hanfu. But if it is some relatively unpopular shape and no finished product, you need to find the materials yourself, or draw the drawings, and find a tailor to customize it.

Is it difficult to get started with Hanfu? Can I wear it for daily shopping? In fact, Hanfu has many styles according to different dynasties, suitable for all seasons and various occasions. “For example, in the spring season, it is not particularly warm. You can wear a high-collar, stand-up collar’Mingzhi’, it also has large loose sleeves, and you can wear warm clothes inside, which will not look bloated. You can wear’Song-made’ in summer. “Made in Tang Dynasty”, “Made in Song Dynasty” narrow sleeves and tulle, elegant in shape; “Made in Tang Dynasty” is more luxurious.” Liu Huanting said, usually shopping with friends, she wears some simple styles of Hanfu, and it doesn’t look very unexpected. Now on campus, I often see students wearing Hanfu.

“People say that people who like Hanfu are grown up as heroes and princesses wearing quilts when they were young. We love traditional culture from the bottom of our hearts, not following the fashion.” Liu Huanting said, the Hanfu hobby among young people. People are not particularly interested in fashion brands, but prefer the things they have inherited. They will also learn ancient instruments such as zither, pipa, and erhu, but they don’t have a cold on Western instruments such as guitars and bass.

Text/Reporter Chen Si


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