Duan Weiming at the hawker center under the epidemic in the second season of “128 Circle” replays Uncle Coffee | Morning Post

The coffee boy “A Cai” becomes the uncle coffee in the English drama “128 Circle”. Duan Weiming will appear in the second season of “128 Circle” at the end of August. This will be his third role as the uncle coffee. The series will focus on the epidemic situation. Hawker centre.

The English drama “128 Circle”, which was broadcast on Channel 5 in 2019, focused on a local neighborhood hawker center. Because the plot is close to reality, it is loved by the audience. Producer Weiyu Films took advantage of the opportunity to launch a side story “128 Circle: Shaking Legs” last year. Producer Lin Meiling told reporters that the second season of “128 Circle” will be filmed at the end of August or early September.

She revealed that most of the actors in the first season will return, and the plot will start from the end of “128 Circle: Shaking Legs”. What the audience expects most is that the story will revolve around how the local hawker center faces the epidemic.

She said that the reason why she still wanted to shoot this series was that the hawker center was a place familiar to Singaporeans, and that what happened was also the stories of ordinary Singaporeans, and she felt that there were many stories to tell.

As for looking for Duan Weiming, who became popular with the corner of the coffee boy “A Cai”, to play the role of Uncle Coffee, Lin Meiling said frankly that he did not consider this factor. He plays a role that will make you believe that he is that role.”

Duan Weiming was interviewed last night and said that this role is not the old version of “A Cai”. “I did not regard him as the “A Cai” in “Sesame Mung Bean”. He is not entirely focused on selling coffee in the play. It’s mainly his life. So there are two different versions.”

Duan Weiming works as a full-time housekeeper at the Sentosa mansion, which also limits him from spending too much time filming. However, because of his liking for the role, although the filming period was as long as 4 months, he also agreed, and then begged the boss to approve a leave for him to film the movie.

Praise Lin Huiling for knowing how to take the show

Some time ago, Duan Weiming guest starred in the English drama “This Land Is Mine”, starring in a “boss” with many younger brothers.

He revealed that even though he is the “boss”, he is vicious and wants to chop other people’s hands in the play, but there is no actual action scene. On the contrary, it is an emotional scene that is very heavy and requires anger and scheming.

The director praised him that he looked like the “boss” and had that momentum, so he let him act.

“This Land Is Mine” is starring Fang Zhanfa, Lin Huiling, Ma Yixuan and others. In the play, Lin Huiling has an opponent with Duan Weiming. He praised Lin Huiling for giving what she wanted when she was in a play, “Such an actor is easy to get sparks.”

A total of 15 episodes of “This Land Is Mine” will premiere on Channel 5 on the evening of August 9.


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